Creams’ guide to Tbilisi’s artists

Photography by Giorgi Wazowski

The Georgian musician shouts out the fashion designers, painters and producers in her network.

Creams is a singer and producer based in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi. The songs on her recent EP Sleep On Me are characterised by skittering hi-hats, dark synths, a simmering sense of excitement and spiky lyrics which capture the geopolitical tensions of her home country, which sits in the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia, as well as the free-spirited mentality of Tbilisi’s art scene. Her influences range from FKA twigs, to the late avant-garde musician Captain Beefheart and the 14th-century novelist Giovanni Bocaccio. Here, she spotlights some of the Tbilisi artists and designers who have inspired her the most.

Qeu Meparishvili


This girl is my ultimate bestie. She can fight, and she can prove anything with her art: mysticism, feminism, Sci-Fi and futurism. She uses textiles, ceramics, paraffin wax, wood, her own hair. Anything she finds, she transforms into an art object. Her work is meticulously crafted and filled with beautiful symbols and information.

Salome Dumbadze


The ultimate pastel queen of Tbilisi. Salome Dumbadze is manifesting her own little parallel universe, and I’ve never seen anything more soft and delicate in my life. She is certainly one of my favourite painters. [She paints] mermaids, satin ribbons, mountains, lemon trees, deers, paradise birds – things that just take you out of this world.

Buba Beboshvili


I don’t remember exactly when we met, but I’ll never forget the day I watched Beboshvili’s debut short film A Girl with One Eye – it was love at first sight. It’s a film for visual maniacs who love fashion, glitters, symbolism, art and everything that shines. He created all the visual beauty for [my songs] DIE 4 YOU and SLEEP ON ME. I’ve always been drawn to the magnetism of acting and he made my dream come true.



This guy can transform any sound into a musically harmonious phrase. I first came across his work when I watched Buba Beboshvili’s film A Girl with One Eye. Vazhmarr wrote the soundtrack for the film, and he killed It. There are sounds of a camera flash, breathing, and the ambience of the streets. Experimental music isn’t always the most interpretable genre, but Vazhmarr’s love for it makes you feel like you understand it too.

Lado Lomitashvili


I met Lado through Qeu Meparishvili. And ever since that day, I’ve been a big fan and supporter of his ideas. This guy can spice up any place and transform a boring, lifeless room into the most beautiful space ever. There’s this coffee and reading spot which he decorated called They Said Books in Tbilisi. You can just stay there for hours and observe every tiny detail of its interior.

Levau Shvelidze


I met Levau back when I was a fashion design student. He is a rare talent. I knew it from day one. His fashion designs are brave, strong, bold, terrifying and heavenly. I know that sounds like a strange mix, but there is no other way to describe them. You should definitely dive deep and explore his work.

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