Dua Saleh’s dinner party playlist

Dua wears jacket, turtleneck, trousers and shoes GUCCI

The Minnesota musician lines up some chill tracks for the guests of their summer feast.

Sudanese-American poet and singer Dua Saleh makes grit-infused R&B, but has opted for a much more soothing experience for the guests of their feast.

Liniker – Barato TotalLiniker – Barato Total

This song is perfect to start the evening off with. Liniker’s voice is serene and enchanting, providing a welcoming environment for guests to ease into the host’s home. The warm hue of the setting sun envelops people as they listen to the honey dripped sound of her music, swaying slightly as they become more entranced by the experience.”

Ambré – fubu

This song will ease the guests into a more energised feeling of calm. Ambré’s playful flow is bouncy but is paired with the sweet tone of her magnetic voice. Guests have just begun to eat their appetisers, cracking jokes, and telling enticing stories about their recent experiences. Some guests begin to bop their heads to the sound, sipping on their drink of choice and fully present with the song.”

Amaarae – Fancy

This song will liven the party up as people begin to finish their entrées and start getting a few more beverages into their systems. Amaarae’s tranquil voice blends on top of the buoyant beat. Her flow glides through the body of listeners and immediately compels people to dance and sing along.”

CJ Run – I’d Like To Know

This song will keep the guests hyped as a card game is brought out by the host. CJ’s addictive flow and their intelligent lyrics echo through the room, matching the feeling of urgency as passions rise. CJ makes sure to fill their aura in the room, guiding the guests into potent reflection while also dancing to the intoxicating beat.”

booboo – Candy

This song will lift the feeling of the room into a more playful mood. People begin to twerk and swing their hair back and forth, forgetting about the glorious battle that just ensued. booboo reels the guests in with her enticing flow, gifted voice, and beautiful production. Their immediate effect on the room is absolute bliss and exuberance.”

Velvet Negroni – Confetti

When this song plays, guests find a friend or partner to sway along with as they blurt out the lyrics. The springing rise and fall of his life absorbing voice bleeds into every crevasse. The guests are now enamoured with the feeling in the room, running on unadulterated joy.”

Kamilla Love – 3AM

This song will immediately settle down the spirit of guests as they move out onto the porch to vibe in a new setting. Kamilla’s striking voice and melodies bring everyone into an airy dimension of reality. Guests begin having deep conversations that are introspective and provoking. Everyone gazes at the moon, inhales the nectarous summer air, and exhales the excess in their spirits. The time is 3AM.”

Beyoncé & Missy Elliot – Signs

This song will bring guests into a moment of nostalgia before finally parting ways. Beyoncé and Missy Elliot are a staple in the homes of this astrological friend group. Guests scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs completely enthralled by the heavenly voice of Beyoncé and the sultry cadence of Missy Elliot. Guests part ways after stating their final goodbyes, not minding the presence of the rising sun in the horizon.”

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