LYAM unites with John Glacier and Shygirl on Origami

The east London artist’s new single oozes attitude. Watch the visuals exclusively via The Face.

Last summer, east London producer and vocalist LYAM (otherwise known as loveyouinthemorning) launched his solo project with the single Intermission – rapping and singing over a percussive, club-ready beat.

Now, The Face is pleased to share LYAM’s second track Origami. Over saxophone-slathered, hard-hitting rap production from Tiny, LYAM is joined by friend and collaborator John Glacier as well as Shygirl – another kindred spirit from an adventurous corner of Londons’ underground scene. Check out the visuals and read a Q&A with LYAM below.

What kind of vibe do you feel each vocalist brings to this track?

These girls are powerful, like-minded women who know their worth in this male-dominated industry. That’s what oozes out of the record for me – that no bullshit attitude. Hands down a couple of the best female lyricists in the UK.

What’s going on in Origami lyrically?

Origami is simply a three part anecdote, three people getting whatever it be off their chests. It’s an absolute vent but with sophistication, greaze and execution. John is so unapologetic, as is Shygirl. Just giving it straight, in a way we can all relate and reason with.

We all come from [the same] world – I hear people say underground club culture a lot, but I guess it is what it is. The hook kind of relates to that as well, like sleep beneath the soil”, except in whole it’s really talking about an uprising — creatures getting bold”.

It’s early days in your solo career. What kind of ambitions do you have as an artist?

Like most people, I want to keep evolving. I’m told a lot that I’m very open to new themes and I guess I am as an experimental artist. The goal is to never settle and become complacent, in how I express myself and to just be.

Music is pivotal but only the beginning of a journey in unearthing new ideas whether that be around fashion, technology or design. I look to music to tap into these fields and find their perfect synergy. My ambitions are long term, but I had never thought I’d be making music in the spaces I am today so supposedly anything is possible — it’s all about process.

Directed by Yumi Carter, Produced by Sallyanne Badger, DOP: Alex Knowles, MUA by Karla Leon Hair by Jazz Lanyero, Styling assistance by Celia Boudjema, Production assistance by Emily Brown Set and costumes by Yumi Carter, Set design by Alex Headford, Set assistance by Tom Kohana, Edited by Jim Owen and Armand DaSilver Composited by Patrick Bethel and Connor Foley

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