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Dua Lipa – Training Season

No one likes a rubbish date, but if you happen to be a star musician who needs to write a highly-anticipated third album, at least you can leave with some new material. I had been on a string of bad dates, and the last one was the final straw,” Dua Lipa said in the press notes for Training Season. The next day Dua laughed it off with in the studio with her collaborators Caroline Ailin and Tobias Jesso Jr., leading to the creation of this disco-pop stomper. And while it is obviously about that feeling when you are just absolutely done telling people… men specifically in this case, how to date you right,” Dua clarified, it is also about my training season being over and me growing with every experience.” DR

Nia Archives – Silence Is Loud

New gen junglist Nia Archives has just announced her debut album Silence Is Loud, also sharing this euphoric title track. On Silence Is Loud, Nia celebrates unconditional love for her brother, while transporting her signature breaks into indie rave territory. Makes sense, given FKA twigs/​David Bryne collaborator Ethan P. Flynn co-produced it. Whatever new direction will Nia take jungle next, eh? JW

Saya Gray – AA Bouquet For Your 180 Face

Since twisting acoustic folk into something strange and compelling on her 2019 EP 19 Masters, Canadian artist Saya Gray has been experimenting with a fuller, more electronic sound. AA Bouquet For Your 180 Face, from her upcoming project Qwerty II, is a little more conventional than the material on last year’s Qwerty EP, but that doesn’t take away from the poetic quality of Saya’s lyricism. I’m on day 227 /​And the devil flicks my brain with all of the feathers that you left when you flew”, Gray sings, bemoaning the high price of heartbreak over a skittering drum beat and a funky bassline. JW

Mary in the Junkyard – Ghost

There’s a new band on the London scene, and Richard Russell, owner of XL Recordings, has taken notice. He actually produced the three-piece’s latest single, Ghost, a salt of the earth grunge-pop tune that’s bolstered by singer/​guitarist Clari Freeman-Taylor’s ethereal vocals. After playing live on the pub circuit for the last year or so, it feels as though Mary in the Junkyard’s breakout moment beckons – their debut track, Tuesday, is also worth a listen. JW

Tierra Whack – 27 Club

It’s somehow been six years since Tierra Whack dropped her debut album Whack World. Compromised entirely of songs which are just one minute long, the eccentric Philly rapper acknowledged the depleted attention spans of the social media generation, also winning the approval of Solange and Lil Yachty. Next month, Tierra releases her second album World Wide Whack. On 27 Club, the album’s tender third single, Tierra opens up about depressive thoughts over gentle organs and warm bass notes, letting raw emotion seep through her kooky persona. DR

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