Revelations 004: Charli XCX

In our fourth episode the pop star sensation dreams about living in a non-digital world and gives advice to her younger self...

Wel­come to Rev­e­la­tions, where we’ll be ask­ing a series of famous faces all the ques­tions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. This is no Diane Sawyer-style, tear-induc­ing Hol­ly­wood hoohah, oh no. This is where the real beans (of the Heinz vari­ety) are spilled. Where we find out what your favourite pop­star keeps under their bed. What they think about in the bath. Whether they’ve ever been in love and, the big one, their take on the mean­ing of life.

This time we’ve got Charli XCX on board, and we’re honoured. In the last couple of years, Charli’s dropped more bangers than most pop stars manage in their lifetime, and she’s actually made it look like fun along the way. If you’re reading this, we assume you’ve been streaming the hell out of Charli – an amazing album packed with some of the most adventurous artists on the pop landscape. In her episode of Revelations, Charli chats about standing your ground in the industry, taking the afterparty to the hotel room and her fantasies of ditching social media in favour of carrier pigeons.

Director - Marcus McSweeney

Director of Photography — Jaime Ackroyd

Executive Producer - Jennifer Byrne

Producer — Rosanna Gouldman

Production Manager — Katherine Bampton

Production Assistant — Natasha Hughes

Editor — Chris Wilson at Stitch

Grade - Jason Wallis at ETC

Camera Assistant - Jonny Lewis

Spark  — Nick Leishman

Sound — Andria Michael

Soundmix — Louis Souyave at Rhythm & Sync

Social Editor - Millie Gray

Online — Marvin Jay Alvarez

Motion Graphics - Rachel Noble

Styling — Danny Reed & Danielle Emmerson

Hair — Kiyoko Odo

Makeup — Nami Yoshida

Thanks to Kodak, Stitch, Electric Theatre Collective, Rhythm & Sync, Glo Film Lighting and Aim Image.

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