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Charli XCX and Sam Smith – In The City

This shiny new single is a group effort that’s co-produced by Charli, Ilya, A.G. Cook, Omer Fedi and 1975 drummer (and Charli’s boyfriend) George Daniel. It’s an appropriately sexy, hits-the-sweet-spot club track about finding your people and community at night, particularly in queer spaces. I knew the night that I met you /​Underneath the New York City lights /​Baby no matter what I do /​There’s an angel standin’ by my side”, Smith croons unmistakably. JW

Harmony – Yesterday

The latest single by FACE friend Harmony Tividad, formerly one half of the band Girpool, comes hot off the heels of her acclaimed debut EP, Dystopia Girl. Yesterday is a catchy, lighthearted meditation on the pitfalls of growing up, growing old and looking back on the past with feverish nostalgia, tied together by deliciously poppy production. JW

Bktherula – Tatti

The rising Atlanta rapper embraces the dark side of her psyche on this single from her forthcoming album LVL5 P2., snarling over growling bass, foreboding strings and tormented synths. Throwing a Halloween party this year? Tatti needs to be on your playlist. DR

Kevin Abstract – What Should I Do?

A song to soundtrack your romantic pining, Kevin Abstract gets all wistful on What Should I Do? Over a sentimental acoustic guitar, the Brockhampton alum imagines doing all the things kids do when in love – you know, stuff like Running through thе sky, laying in tall grass”. Topped off with some ba-ba-bas over the chorus, it’s a sweet and simple love song that will leave you feeling all gooey inside. OP

Frost Children – Stare at The Sun

The NYC-based post-hyperpop duo are about to drop Hearth Room, their second album of the year, for which they’ve switched glitchy synths for analogue instrumentation. Second single Stare at The Sun opens with a muted guitar riff which brings to mind Sum 41’s Fat Lip, before Frost Children jump between jagged math-rock and a noodly post-hardcore style. Whatever their reference points, Frost Children’s prestige as musicians is pretty much undeniable at this point. DR

Beabadoobee and Laufey – A Night to Remember

In August, Bea and Icelandic-Chinese musician Laufey joked on TikTok about being lost long cousins. The next best thing? Collaborating on a song together, which marks an interesting sonic departure for Bea. A Night to Remember is a jazz-influenced ballad about spending an unforgettable night with a recognisable stranger. Underneath the sheets /​You enchanted me /​And whispered sweet nothings in my ear,” the pair sing together against swelling piano and strings.

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