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George Riley – S e x

On the second single from her Un/​limited Love EP, Face cover star George Riley has paired up with legendary producer Hudson Mohawke. HudMo charges up the track with a frantic, video game-ready beat for Riley’s poignant lyrics about withholding sex as a means of reclaiming power in a toxic relationship, before the track explodes into a proper dancefloor heater. JW

Casisdead – Venom

Next week, Casidead will finally release his cinematic debut album, Famous Last Words – a 23-tracker to satisfy the fans who’ve been waiting 10 whole years since his last full length project. Once again, Venom sees the masked enigma contrast glossy 80s synthpop with seedy anecdotes. But this time the accelerated tempo is matched with a particularly chaotic narrative. Going 60 in this 30 in an Aston that’s black /​I’m trynna steer and rack this gak,” Cas raps, ad-libbing it with a big sniff. DR

Veeze – Luv the Tour

If you’ve been following Michigan rap closely over the last few years, you won’t think there’s anything particularly weird about the way Veeze rides the beat with a slippery flow. If you haven’t, it’ll take a little while to adjust your ear to the rising Detroit star’s style. Taken from the deluxe edition of his recent album Ganger, Luv the Tour sees Veeze pair croaky raps with a hectic beat by Evilgiane – the renowned leader of the underground production unit Surf Gang. DR

Ice Spice – Pretty Girl ft. Rema

Ice Spice made a name for herself by putting her own twist on NYC drill, which was once considered a gritty and controversial subgenre. But ever since Boys a Liar pt.2 she’s been delving deep into feel-good pop – first by hopping on the remix of Taylor Swift’s Karma, then by regurgitating Aqua with Nicki Minaj on Barbie World. Now she sounds sonically comfortable alongside Nigerian superstar Rema, who specialises in sugary-sweet, heart-tickling melody. DR

Dexter in the newsagent – More to me

Acoustic guitar and soft vocals: this is dexter at her most stripped back, earning her the title of one of South London’s most promising DIY musicians. Produced by longtime collaborator Kurisu, More to me sees her bemoan the painful push and pull of an uncertain romantic relationship, alongside a video directed by Lengurz. JW

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