Yung Mia­mi is rid­ing solo as a raunchy rap ambassador

Despite one member being behind bars, the buzz about the City Girls gets bigger by the day.

Mia­mi duo City Girls deliv­er dirty, play­ful rap while wear­ing body-hug­ging design­er clothes. Their brag­gado­cio bars put men in their place. In the City Girls’ world, women set the terms for who’s qual­i­fied to fuck and when.

Their con­fi­dent fuck-you-pay-me rap has already found them a fan in the form of fel­low hus­tler Car­di B, who appeared along­side Yung Mia­mi in full body paint for the Twerk video while JT serves jail time for fraud.

With the duo con­tin­u­ing to blow up despite the set­backs, Yung Mia­mi spoke to The Face while she’s on tour with label­mate Lil Baby, car­ry­ing the City Girls name until JT comes home. 

First and fore­most – what is a City Girl?

A city girl is any­body. A cor­po­rate girl, a school girl… when you get with your friends, you turn up and you do things that you [usu­al­ly] do in pri­vate, that’s a City Girl. It’s like an alter-ego. 

Do you have any updates on when JT will be com­ing out?

March 2020 is her release date, but I don’t know. She was sup­posed to come home soon­er, but I don’t have any updates on her sta­tus at the moment. 

What’s it been like rep­re­sent­ing City Girls on your own while she’s been away?

Com­ing out togeth­er as a fresh group… we had only just start­ed, and our career was just pick­ing up [when she went away]. At first it was hard, it was tough – I didn’t know how the crowd would react to me just being there as one City Girl. There’s two of us, we came out togeth­er, so one going away so soon into our career… I was scared. But now I’m com­fort­able and I know that I have to do what I have to do to make sure the City Girls name stays alive. 

Our music is fun, it’s ratch­et. We say things that a lot of women think, things that they might say with their friends.”

You put out two albums – Peri­od and Girl Code – in 2018, the year JT was out on bond. Do you think you’ve set good ground­work for when she gets out?

Yes, we knew she had a set date that she had to go [inside]. We knew she had to turn her­self in in June, so we record­ed a lot of music, we did a lot of videos, we did a lot of press up until the time that she was going in, because we knew that we need­ed projects and work to put out while she was away.


Why do you think women espe­cial­ly have tak­en to your music so much?

Because we speak for the women out there. We say a lot of things that girls want to say, and we’re about that turn up music! Our music is fun, it’s ratch­et, you can dance to it, you know… I think that we say things that a lot of women think, things that they might say with their friends… we put that into our music. I think our music is very relatable.

Do you think that ties into why most of the online crit­i­cism of your music and the lyrics have come from men?

Men make women feel very inse­cure. Some­times we’re scared to ask a man for mon­ey because they might think we’re needy, or we need them, or we can’t take care of our­selves. So most of the time we’re scared to ask for help because we don’t wan­na seem like we don’t have noth­ing going for our­selves. It’s not about pimp­ing a guy, it’s more about telling women to be con­fi­dent – don’t be talk­ing to a guy if he can’t do noth­ing for you. Don’t be afraid to ask guys for mon­ey to be comfy.

Who are your musi­cal influences?

I’d say Lil Kim – I always liked her music, her style, her atti­tude. She was the female rap­per with Big­gie, she used to go back and forth with him in his songs. Also Tri­na, just being a Mia­mi rap­per and grow­ing up there and lis­ten­ing to her music. I def­i­nite­ly got a lot of my influ­ence from Trina.

What’s next for you guys? What are you hop­ing to do this year?

I hope that JT comes home so we can head­line our own tour and drop anoth­er album. I hope that me and JT can get our own TV show so we can show our per­son­al lives. 

Final­ly – what’s the City Girls motto?

Save your mon­ey and spend his!


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