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As we tentatively head towards warmer months and longer days, Dutch streetwear brand Patta and American fashion behemoth Tommy Hilfiger have fittingly joined forces to produce a collection that feels decidedly positive. Centred around Pan-Africanism and Black unity, the capsule showcases the power of community by highlighting stories of the diaspora. Its message? “Unity is strength, division is weakness” – words of wisdom that capture the UK's collective shift towards imminent socialising (three more days!) The legendary Tommy logo has been subverted to include the traditional Pan-African colours of deep red, black and green: tees, hoodies, jeans, jackets and baseball caps – all the good stuff – have been heavily inspired by classic Tommy Jeans archive pieces in a heartfelt celebration of African culture. It’s all love!

To mark the launch of the collection, Patta has made a donation to The Black archives in Amsterdam, Sistah Space in London and the Good Neighbourhood Collective in Milan. Available globally today at 1pm CEST here.

Yes, you read that right: Brendan Babenzien's eco-conscious menswear label Noah and New Order have joined forces, creating a capsule collection that reflects the legendary band’s timeless punk Mancunian spirit. Inspired by designer Peter Saville’s alluring record designs for the group, it features ethically made garments and collectable art objects in equal measure. There are brightly printed T-shirts and bars of soap embossed with track titles Truth and Denial; a neon pink torch; a pack of gum that promises the perfect kiss, tote bags, jackets and classic crewnecks that are sleek and ergonomic in design. New Order’s enduring creative vision + Noah’s elevated casualwear = kindred spirits.

Craving a holiday? Yeah, us too. As we wait for the UK’s never-ending Covid restrictions to lift, you can catch some rays by way of Palace’s latest collaboration with legendary LA-based skate shop Lotties, founded in 2016 by Mike Gigilliotti. The capsule collection turns casualwear basics into subversive pieces of art, marrying tongue-in-cheek British humour with quintessential Angelino skate-style. Each piece features Gigilliotti’s hand-drawn illustrations: a basketball vest boasts cutesy flowers and barbed wire, while jackets, jeans, shirts and hoodies are decorated with abrasive drawings of ghouls, demons, punks and flames. And of course, this wouldn’t be a Palace collab without the occasional playful one-liner scribbled across a selection of items – “FARE THEE WELL”, “IT’S A FINE LIFE” and “IT’S PALACE YOU DICKHEAD” to name a few. Enjoy...

Puer Decorum

puer decorum creations are my favourite discovery of 2020. their new approach to hats and accessories is really fresh. i discovered shop puer through fantastic toiles a beautifully curated shop by nasir in forest gate.”

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Claire Barrow

don’t even get me started on claire barrow. claire is an incredible artist, innovator as well as being such a sweetheart. i love collecting claire’s unique designs from hand painted leather garments to hoodies and hair accessories. i stan <3”

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Ed Marler

i don’t know how ed combines 17thcentury grandeur with his proud british working class upbringing but he does and it’s fabulous, it’s authentic and i’m so grateful to have worked so much with ed! you constantly inspire me, i love you!”

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Conor Joseph

connor is my go to for unique and personalised accessories. so chic and refined. conor uses skin textures and body moulds to make the most beautiful jewellery! ”

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Other Couture

other couture has made all of my grills to date! handmade unique grill perfection! other couture can make all of your dreams come true from opals to black diamonds, so creative and beautiful! other couture almost gives michèle lamy a run for her money. almost ;)”

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Fantastic Toiles

my favourite place in london. fantastic toiles is not just a shop it’s a hub of exciting new artists and a place where people can go feel a part of something. i adore nasir mazhar who founded fantastic toiles, i’ve worn his amazing creations for years.”

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