Five organisations you can support to help #EndSARS

A number of people taking part in #EndSARS protests in Nigeria have reportedly been shot dead in Lagos. An indefinite 24-hour curfew has now been imposed on the capital and other regions. Meanwhile, the army has dismissed reports as “fake news”. Here’s how you can help.

Nigeria needs your help to #EndSARS. The protests, which started amidst countless records of unlawful arrests, extrajudicial killings, kidnappings and extortion at the hands of the police unit, are being met with increased force by the Nigerian government.

Below are a list of organisations you can donate to directly to support protestors on the ground.

Feminist Coalition

This feminist-led organisation raises funds for protesters on the ground and documents their efforts in daily reports. Prioritising the welfare and safety of Nigerian youth, they are now encouraging everyone to stay home. All donations made will go towards medical emergencies and legal aid for wrongly detained citizens.

Kokun Foundation

This foundation’s mission is to put food on the table of everyone struggling with hunger. They have now redirected their efforts to arrange food and water deliveries to stranded protestors in Nigeria.

Assata Collective

This organisation is sending funds directly to queer and trans people fighting against SARS. They accept donations through a number of channels including Paypal and Venmo.

The Reach Nigeria

This organisation provides financial, medical and legal support as well as counselling for protestors. You can not only get in touch with them to donate, but volunteer if you’re in the local area.

Connected Development

This NGO’s mission is to empower marginalised communities across Africa. In light of the protests, donations will now be distributed to support the fight against police brutality in Nigeria.

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