Martha Pazi­en­ti Caidan on explor­ing London’s streets

Listen to the DJ and radio producer extol the virtues of getting outside.

From raves to church­es, accents to ges­tures, E8 to SE22, no Londoner’s sto­ry is the same. In our series Audio Sto­ries: Lon­don, we asked indi­vid­u­als from all walks of life to share an account of their city. 

Per­haps the best way to explore Lon­don is on foot. No delays, no crowds, no fares. DJ and Radio 1 pro­duc­er Martha Pazi­en­ti Caidan would prob­a­bly agree, hav­ing set up her own run club in a bid for cre­atives to get offline and put the phones down and come con­nect with the city”. Caidan has a seri­ous point: Lon­don­ers are glued to their phones. Bad for our brain cells. As May­or of Lon­don Sadiq Khan con­tin­ues to work towards mak­ing sport more acces­si­ble for all Lon­don­ers, take a leaf out of Peck­ham-born Caidan’s book – get out and explore. 

Audio tran­scrip­tion:

My name’s Martha. I am 25 years old. I’m a DJ and Radio Mak­er from South­east Lon­don Peck­ham, to be spe­cif­ic. I have a run club which I set up last year for DJ’s, cre­atives and musi­cians, peo­ple work­ing in and around music, to get offline and put the phones down and come con­nect with the city.

My favourite places to run in Lon­don are obvi­ous­ly around my area, around Peck­ham, around Burgess Park, but also one of my all time routes is to run across the bridges in Lon­don. The bridges are some­where where I get space to actu­al­ly breathe. Espe­cial­ly if you’ve been dri­ving through when you reach the bridges in Lon­don. Every­thing just opens up around you and you realise how beau­ti­ful the city is, espe­cial­ly at night.

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