Martha Pazienti Caidan on exploring London’s streets

Listen to the DJ and radio producer extol the virtues of getting outside.

From raves to churches, accents to gestures, E8 to SE22, no Londoner’s story is the same. In our series Audio Stories: London, we asked individuals from all walks of life to share an account of their city.

Perhaps the best way to explore London is on foot. No delays, no crowds, no fares. DJ and Radio 1 producer Martha Pazienti Caidan would probably agree, having set up her own run club in a bid for creatives to get offline and put the phones down and come connect with the city”. Caidan has a serious point: Londoners are glued to their phones. Bad for our brain cells. As Mayor of London Sadiq Khan continues to work towards making sport more accessible for all Londoners, take a leaf out of Peckham-born Caidan’s book – get out and explore.

Audio transcription:

My name’s Martha. I am 25 years old. I’m a DJ and Radio Maker from Southeast London Peckham, to be specific. I have a run club which I set up last year for DJ’s, creatives and musicians, people working in and around music, to get offline and put the phones down and come connect with the city.

My favourite places to run in London are obviously around my area, around Peckham, around Burgess Park, but also one of my all time routes is to run across the bridges in London. The bridges are somewhere where I get space to actually breathe. Especially if you’ve been driving through when you reach the bridges in London. Everything just opens up around you and you realise how beautiful the city is, especially at night.

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