A Christmas gift guide for metal magpies

Heavy metal! Jewellery, that is. Here’s a list of rings, chains and chokers made by independent jewellers to give this season.

Looking for something a bit different to give to someone special this Christmas? Jewellery usually does the trick. There’s nothing better than receiving a compliment at the pub, to which you can reply: Oh, this old thing? It’s one-of-a-kind! No, you can’t copy me.” Or you can be a nice person and pass on the recommendation. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of unique jewellery pieces made by independent jewellery makers for you to gift this season. To my significant other, if you’re reading this, I’ll take a Louise Konrad ring. To the rest of you, please support your local metal dealer, one chunky chain or ring at a time.


BB.Smith makes jewellery that’s fun to wear. Each upcycled necklace is embedded with memories of childhood or teenage nostalgia, whether it’s decorated with holiday keychains, tourist trinkets or patriotic mementos. Each piece is unique and she takes custom commissions, too, like this one made for Eartheater. Why not stick your own face on a necklace for your best mate?


Louise Konrad is fast becoming known for her chunky handmade silver and gemstone rings. She sets sparkling ametrine, pink tourmaline, peridot and blue topaz stones in gloopy and uneven metal casing to create pieces that are raw, yet refined. If silver’s not your thing (and you ask her nicely via DM), Konrad will make you a custom gold piece. Top tip: start with one, before collecting more and stacking them high.


Xiaoyu Zhang and Min Li’s jewellery line YVMIN classifies itself as body-decoration lab”, a term which speaks to the playful tone of its futuristic jewellery, spanning everything from teddy bear necklaces and fairy claw hair clips, to butterfly metal bras. Their earrings are a hoot: choose from glossy red cherries and cat toy singles, or crystal heart and multi-hoop pairs.


Moira X Mel makes jewellery that will satisfy your inner magpie, from oversized heart-shaped rings, to spiky, barbed-wire heart body chains. But the hand carved choker featuring a heart shaped stone encased by six claws is its pièce de résistance.


If you’re looking for some bonkers rings, or shopping for a Y2K loving Gen Z member of the family, you’re in the right place. Georgina Trevinos jewellery pulls inspiration from lucky charms, bumper stickers, Playboy ephemera and the like. Her wacky rings featuring spiky belly bar piercings are top of our list. They’re equal parts flashy and flashy – what’s more festive than this.


It would be rude not to include some vintage in this list. And let it be known, I’m really revealing my sources. Hatton Garden-based family run business The Vintage Jeweller really is the best dealer of pre-owned antique wears. Sure, some of the prices are eye-watering, but if you spend long enough on their site there are some more affordable gems in the mix (trust me, I’d know, having scoured countless pages this week).


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