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A collection of weird and wonderful sculptures by the artist Sofia Lai in the new issue of THE FACE, photographed by Luca Trevisani.

Taken from the new print issue of THE FACE. Get your copy here.

Watch out for Sofia Lai. Catch her wavering eye and there’s a chance you could turn into one of her sculptures. Caught mid-air, her pieces – carved from plaster and dressed in everyday clothes – are snapshots of a head-first drunken fall, a sleepy commuter about to doze off, an every(wo)man running for the bus. They often depict emotional moments translated into shapes,” says the Italian artist-stylist. It could be the tenderness of a hug or the barely visible smile of a stranger on the train.” This is the human stuff that most of us wouldn’t give a second glance to. But that ordinariness, familiarity and relatability is exactly the beauty of her art. My works explore the themes of identity, adaptation and perception,” the 31-year-old adds. They attempt to capture the complexities of society, from the chaos to the calmness, the tenderness to the soreness.” This is life, captured, chaotic and clumsy, unpolished and devastatingly real.

Jumper C.P. COMPANY, top KIKO KOSTADINOV, dress ERDEM, dress (worn underneath) ROKSANDA and shoes LOEWE


SCULPTURES Sofia Lai STYLING ASSISTANTS Shelly Gull and Elizabete Pakule

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