Goodhood is celebrating 15 in great style

Everyone’s favourite East London boutique is releasing a special anniversary capsule to mark 15 years in the biz. We asked founder Kyle Stewart some silly questions to learn more.

It’s a lifestyle, baby! That’s how Goodhood puts it in its Instagram bio, and they’re really not wrong. Set up in 2007 by partners Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart, the meticulously curated store has figuratively outgrown its Shoreditch space over the last 15 years, becoming international shorthand for premium casualwear and minimal homeware.

Where many independent shops have sadly fallen victim to the cost-of-living crisis, global pandemics and hiked-up rents, Goodhood has weathered the storm and continued to give us sunshine. From a barrage of brilliant collaborations with the likes of adidas, Kickers, Dr. Martens and Folk in the past, via its genuine support for sustainable and small-scale brands, to its recent own homegrown label, Goodhood just does good.

Naturally, it’s celebrating the 15-year milestone in style, releasing a special capsule of original pieces conceived and crafted in collaboration with a selection of the brands it stocks. Clarks Originals is leading the charge, with a bespoke black suede boot with embossed uppers and luxurious textures. More link-ups are to follow that’ll perk up any workwear fan’s ears – YMC, Brain Dead, Yeti, YMC, Studio Arhoj, Carhartt and Malin & Goetz – dropping from September onwards to make sure the party continues for as long as possible.

Time famously flies and it’s pretty wild to think that Goodhood is now closer to 20 than it is 10. While the hourglass may be fickle, though, the store’s supporters are not: it continues to be a cult one-stop shop for everyone from skaters to Scandi-fans to sneakerheads. To see it in its decade-and-a-half birthday, we asked co-founder Kyle Stewart 15 questions that are deliciously low-brow in content but high-up on the good chat scale.

15 questions for Goodhood’s 15th...

1). If Goodhood was a frozen meal, what would it be?
Homemade chilli kept on ice.

2). If Goodhood was a superpower, what would it be?
The Midas touch.

3). If Goodhood dyed its hair, what colour would it be?

4). If Goodhood was a boyband, what would it be?
Non Blondes.

5). If Goodhood was a movie villain, who’d it be?
David the vampire from The Lost Boys.

6). If Goodhood was a 90s pop anthem, what would it be?
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve.

7). If Goodhood was an alarm, what time would it go off?


8). If Goodhood was a dance move, what would it be?

Moonwalk or Running Man.

9). If Goodhood ruled the world, what would the first law enacted be?
Release all people in prison on minor drug offences.

10). If Goodhood was a shoe, how bouncy would it be?

11). If Goodhood was a hug or a hi-five, what would it be?

12). If Goodhood was a chat-up line, what would it be?
Do you know what my shirt’s made out of? Boyfriend material.

13). If Goodhood was in detention, what would it be for?
Telling it how it is.

14). If Goodhood was a Simpsons character, who’d it be?
Otto the bus driver.

15). If Goodhood saw itself in another 15 years, how’d it look?
Like a fat Elvis.

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