Breaking down Harry Styles’ best Love On Tour looks

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Styles’ jaunt around the US for Love On Tour has come to a close, which means significantly less Hazza content will be popping up on our feeds. As we mourn the loss, we’ve rounded his best sartorial moments from his 42-date run.

Last night, Harry Styles’ 42-date US arena tour, Love on Tour, drew to a close in Elmont, New York. Those of us who have been paying attention to every single detail of every single show will no doubt be feeling somewhat bereft in the coming days. Social media has been rife with documented moments of sincere interaction between Harry and fans (including a sweet coming-out moment between a fan and her mother), photos of special audience guests like Lizzo, BTS, SZA and girlfriend Olivia Wilde, and TikTok users showcasing their outfits to his song Woman. My own Instagram explore page has been wall-to-wall Love On Tour content for months and I am not ready to go back to reality.

In typical Harry Styles fashion, one major aspect of the tour has been the clothes. And anyone following the details of his outfits has had an easy time of it – the singer’s entire wardrobe was provided by Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, much of it custom made.

Stylist Harry Lambert clearly had a cohesive vision for the tour as a whole. Wearing one look per show, most nights saw Styles in high-waisted, wide-legged trousers, round-toe boots with a block heel and a blouse or shirt rolled to the elbow, usually finished off with thin suspenders. There have been random breaks from this silhouette, where the shirt has been replaced with a vest or waistcoat with nothing underneath, harking back to his topless, leather-clad Grammy performance and (more importantly, of course) his cover of THE FACE Issue One.

But the major variations from each evening were largely in colour and print, from polka dots to monochromatic block colours to a little razzle-dazzle sequin fringe. Practicality had clearly been considered; Styles is known for covering the entire stage, dancing and taking time to speak to his fans in the audience. The repeated silhouette and the chosen fabrics allow for this movement, while not adding too much heat and remaining thoroughly photogenic – and, importantly, remaining thoroughly recognisable as Harry Styles in his Fine Line album and tour era.

From Harryween” to jacquard emerald green vests, as a Love On Tour aficionado, I’ve whittled down Styles’ top five looks from a tour to remember.

5. Atlanta, October 28th

Simple yet effective, the second Atlanta show’s full red look with black suspenders is a classic example of Love on Tour’s signature look. Unbuttoned to the chest, the shirt is broken up by the textured, subtle floral print running through it and sharply contrasting black suspenders. Both red and pink as colour choices appeared heavily during the tour, as an on-the-nose nod to the concept of love… being on tour. This is by far one of the most striking examples of red as a style decision, with Styles looking like an obscenely handsome Cupid.

4. Philadelphia, September 17th

Lambert gestured towards the pink and blue cover of Styles’ second studio album Fine Line with the colour choices for his Philadelphia show. These specific shades have become distinctly identifiable with this era of the singer’s career, so pairing them with the tour’s signature silhouette was a stroke of genius. Finished with tan suspenders, a gold cross-chain and white boots, this outfit was as visually interesting as it was significant to Styles’ larger body of work. As with the Atlanta show’s entirely red look, the shirt was broken up with subtle texture, this time with, funnily enough, fine lines. If Harry Lambert knows one thing as a stylist, it’s that it’s all in the details.

3. Glendale, Arizona, November 13th

The Glendale show was a slight departure from the usual tour uniform, with an almost sheer blouse instead of a shirt. The more feminine edge to the choice of top was well complimented by the Wedgwood-inspired blue and cream trousers. There’s a softness to the fabric choices in this outfit, set off by the hard, tailored edges to the cuffs and trouser waist. It’s this tailoring that shows us just how custom Styles’ Gucci wardrobe is. The actual fit of the clothes is spectacularly neat, making for an extremely clean overall look.

2. Both “Harryween” looks, New York, October 30th and 31st

Harryween” was originally announced two years ago, when Styles challenged his fans to come dressed up in costume to his two Madison Square Garden dates, with the promise that he would return the favour. He certainly delivered. The first night saw him and his entire band dressed up as the cast of The Wizard of Oz, while the second night saw them transform into Pierrot clowns (all provided by Gucci, of course).


The clown outfits were gorgeously whimsical and visually stunning, but it was Harry dressed as Dorothy that really stole the show. Perhaps the best detail of the entire tour was how his usual round toe, block heel boots were made to look like red ruby slippers with blue socks – the perfect balance of classic Halloween gimmick and high fashion.

1. Los Angeles, November 17th

This stand-out was a late entry, but well worth the wait. In one of the much-demanded all green outfits, Styles appeared at the first of his three LA shows in a 2019 Gucci velvet floral vest and matching emerald green trousers. The look encapsulates everything that’s great about the singer’s current style era, which is classic in cut but bold in colour and print. Lambert’s choice to have Harry go topless underneath the folk-inspired vest allows the garment to stand out, while showing off the singer’s tattoos and, on a practical level, letting him breathe under the stage lights. It’s a look worth going wild for.

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