Undercover’s Jun Takahashi designs for the everyday

Taito wears top, skirt, earrings and shoes UNDERCOVER

The cult Japanese designer is also a die-hard Radiohead fan, knows his Twin Peaks lore and has never seen an episode of Corrie. Shame. We reckon his latest designs, as seen in this fashion special, would fly off the shelves in Weatherfield...

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Hi Jun! Can you describe yourself in a word? Selfish.

And your work in a word? Continuation.

What is your earliest memory? I went to an amusement park nearby around age three.

What’s your favourite item of clothing? Jacket.

What was the last piece of furniture you bought? [British copywriter, creative director and author] Steve Harrison’s coffee table.

Do you have a favourite place? Hayama, a town [an hour or so from Tokyo] where my atelier is at.

When did you last visit the UK and what did you do? It was around seven years ago. I went to Glastonbury for Radiohead’s live concert.

Have you ever watched Coronation Street? No, I haven’t.

Who killed Laura Palmer? Leland Palmer (Bob).

What do you think about when you’re designing? I often consider whether this design can be worn in daily life.

What did you think of Japan’s recent moon landing? I am not interested in it at all.

What do you think you’ll be doing in five years’ time? Designing and painting in Hayama.

What is the meaning of life? Creating myself.


HAIR Yu Nagatomo MAKE-UP Dash TALENT Taito at OYB Club PRODUCTION Taka Arakawa at Babylon PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT Souta Kasahara STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Dominka Szmid

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