The preternatural force of Kristen McMenamy

Kristen wears nipple covers LOU DE BÈTOLY, shorts ALL-IN and shoes and sunglasses SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO

We asked the original outsider supermodel about her daily routine, pre-runway rituals and advice for never second guessing yourself.

Taken from the new print issue of THE FACE. Get your copy here.

Hi, Kristen! What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I thank my higher power for giving me another day.

And the last thing before you go to bed at night?
I thank God for giving me another day, then read 10 pages from my book, put the pillows in place and fall asleep.

What’s your go-to tea?
Black tea with my favourite soy milk from this Australian brand, Bonsoy.

What’s the last book you read?
Stay True by Hua Hsu. I have now moved onto reading Shelley: The Pursuit by Richard Holmes, a biography of Percy Shelley.

Who would play you in a biopic?
Miss Fame, an American model and drag queen who portrays me very well!

What would it be called?
Final Drag.

What do you wish your 18-year-old self knew back then?
That I was good. That I should trust in my intuition and select the right people to surround myself with and listen to.

Have you ever done anything you regret?
Giving away some of my archive Versace and Alexander McQueen pieces.

What do you regret not doing?
Not keeping up with some of the people in the fashion world [who were] closest to me and impacted my career, who sadly have now passed away.

Have you ever had any pre-runway rituals?
Before getting on that runway, I touch my toes, close my eyes and escape to my zone.

Are there any hairstyles you look back on and think, What was that all about?”

NO. I love them all.

Dress and donut RICK OWENS and shoes STEFAN COOKE

What’s the secret to eternal happiness?
Eternal happiness, to me, is not depending on anything outside of you. When you’re influenced by your own choices and not distracted by external factors, it’s easier to not become bitter or upset by anything outside of your control. It’s simply exploring your own path, whilst being guided by a higher power and yourself.

What keeps you feeling young?
Giving myself time to sleep and my practice of pilates.

Who’s the most interesting person in your phone book?
Karl Lagerfeld.

And the best dressed?
Amanda Harlech.

What are your beauty rituals?
I scrub my face every night with a pre-facial scrub. Following that, I use very simple creams with minimal ingredients. Last step is a night mask by Sisley that I leave on whilst I sleep.

Which fashion show holds the most special place in your memory?
Gianni Versace Couture. I felt the most in control of my presence, and it was the time that I felt the most in the moment. I stomped down the stage and felt like a SUPERSTAR.

Which photographer makes you feel a million dollars?
Steven Meisel. The way he treats you is the most honest and genuine energy. He treats a woman the way she would like to be treated and makes you feel so special.

If you could only dress in one fashion label for the rest of your life, which would it be?
It would have to be a Chanel dress, because it’s consistent and continues to be my go to.

What’s the rarest thing in your wardrobe?
It would be an Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket.

What’s the most recent addition?
A pair of Azzedine Alaïa silver ballet shoes.

What’s your biggest vice?
I love to eat with my fingers! Not so much a vice as it is a guilty pleasure.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Go for it! Don’t second guess yourself! I have used it through my whole career and it has helped me remain true to myself.

What should we always remember?
You are who you are, so accept and make the best of your situation. You have everything you need to be the best version.

Underwear and socks stylist’s own, hat BLESS PARIS and dress as sculpture BALENCIAGA



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