Stüssy’s Californian knights are riding off into the sunset

The surf brand’s newest campaign is a whimsical medieval dream.

For their Spring 2020 campaign, Stüssy bring a surreal equestrian edge to a sunny beach – a nod to the brand’s southern Californian surf roots and laidback spirit.

Lensed by American photographer Colin Dodgson, the analogue shots include armoured knights holding Stüssy-branded flags, a fevered duel scene on a sandy shore and a sunglass-wearing, surfboard-clutching fair maiden. Each scene echoes the label’s ethos: everything and anything can happen in this new decade”.

Although the campaign’s styling mainly features regal gowns, a head-to-toe breastplate and chainmail get-ups, snippets from the capsule collection can be seen peeking underneath. At the same time, accessories such as hats and sunglasses are playfully paired with the medieval dress code.

Alongside the imagery, an accompanying video that taps further into the hazy, sun-stained aesthetic has been released. Watch below for jousting in action and swoon-worthy knights in shining armour.

The Spring 20 collection will drop 7th February at 10am PST.

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