Where to buy the hottest thongs right now


Sun’s out, bums out: in honour of this Great British heatwave, we’ve rounded up our favourite places to snap up some seriously cheeky underwear.


Dreamt up by Hannah Richtman in 2021 (she’s also behind cult New York vintage shop The Break), Gush thongs are super simple in their design, but probably more flattering than any other knickers you own. They sit high, dip low and are made in NYC with sustainably produced techno-fabric. Described as a little thong that makes a bold statement”, Richtman, a near-constant thong-wearer herself, properly launched Gush in 2022. Since then, it’s been hailed as the ultimate It Thong, worn by the likes of Julia Fox. Gush’s latest limited edition collab with Los Angeles brand Subsurface is all killer, too. Get your hands on a seriously sexy, wet look Tandem thong before they sell out.




If you thought super-hot underwear and Christianity didn’t go together, think again. The clue’s in the name. Cecilia Micchi, the designer behind Holy Thongs, specialises in made to order, sinful limited edition thongs dripping in rosary beads. Take the Mary Magdalene, which features a tiny painted pendant of Jesus’ wife and a bejewelled crucifix, and was included as part of a week-long pop up at London’s Waste Store. If that’s not really your bag, there are jockstraps to pick from, too, as well as mesh and velour thongs. Buy now, ask for forgiveness later…




Cicely Travers has got lingerie in her blood: her mum made leotards for students at the Royal Ballet School and, after sacking off a degree in fine art to study underwear design at De Montfort University, Travers started her own brand, Isosceles, in 2014. Since then, Travers has had her designs be worn by Arca and relocated from London to Rome, all while establishing a reputation for producing delicate, feminine undies. Her attention to detail is unmatched – sure, Travers knows her way around a bra, but her knickers stand out. Think: baby pink thongs with shirred waists and hand-crocheted numbers, in an array of smart takes on classic shapes.




Bridging the gap between comfy granny pants and date-ready undies is Cou Cou’s MO. Rose Colcord started the brand in 2021 with one mission in mind: making women feel comfortable and sexy in one fell swoop, so they never have to choose between proper lingerie and daily underwear again. Drawing inspiration from classic, high-waisted 90s shapes and timeless basics in the process, Cou Cou’s classic thongs and seamless G‑strings keep things simple. They’re available only in black or white, and are made using organic cotton and French lace. Can’t go wrong with that, can you?




The patron saint of sexy British underwear, Fruity Booty has been in the biz since 2018, home to bras and pants that don’t harm the environment. The brand’s super-sweet cotton knickers, embroidered with cherries and angels, have become its trademark over the years, alongside fuschia deadstock lace panties and a leopard print number made from 100 per cent recycled mesh. Founded by best friends Hattie Tennant and Minna Bunting, the pair were determined to make cheeky, eco-friendly underwear that focused on women, rather than horny men.​“We found [the lingerie industry was] very high-gloss, airbrushed, hypersexualised. The idea was to create a less intimidating experience that had humour to it,” they told THE FACE last February.



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