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The Parisian independent radio station teaching youth how to dream big

In a Covid landscape, creativity and the subcultures which spring from it have been impacted in ways beyond measure. It is in this context that the Dr. Martens storytelling platform, Dr. Martens Presents, has pivoted, offering artists support to overcome the challenges they are facing at a time when it is needed most.


No Signal and the rise of the UK’s new Black radio

A station born out of a global crisis, No Signal began its life as a live stream of a night cancelled due to the lockdown. Now, a raft of young DJs and presenters brought together by JoJo Sonubi are serving a diversity of sounds while raising funds to facilitate a proper studio to call home.


Charlie Bones and the consolations of radio

The NTS breakfast show host on an online radio station that until recently broadcast out of a shabby and sticker-strewn hut in Dalston might be a slightly left-field pick for a potential saviour during a global pandemic… but unlikely times call for unlikely heroes.

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