Listen to Miley Serious’ electrifying techno mix

Photography by @lu2000k

The weather’s warmer, freedom beckons and DJ Miley Serious has some club bangers to fire up the party mood.

Miley Serious knows how to handle a dancefloor. The 32-year-old French DJ queen has stomped the global club circuit for over 14 years, building her reputation with high energy breakbeat, industrial and acid house sets.

Last year’s sudden halt in club culture meant Serious had to cancel half her American tour, as well as shows across Europe and Australia. But that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves. Holed up in her adoptive hometown of New York, she’s continuing her monthly dance- and electro-packed radio segment for Rinse France and releasing new material under her 99cts RCDS imprint.

Now, to reboot our long-dormant party mood, Madame Miley has conjured an eclectic mashup of hip-hop, drum and bass and techno that will have you yearning for a proper sweaty night out. She ain’t messing, she is Serious…

What’s the vibe and direction of your FACE Mix?

I went through so many emotions while working on it. One day I was going right and the next day I was going left! I think it translates how I’ve been feeling lately. Now, I’m just trying to vibe to what makes me happy.

As DJ’s we’re usually listening out for potential club bangers, but right now, it doesn’t have the same purpose. One thing remains the same, though: I want to dance.

What are some of the club nights and venues that have been important to your trajectory as a DJ and label founder?

The White Hotel in Manchester, which is one of my favourite cities. That place has something different, for sure! Then Griessmuehle in Berlin is also special to me, because of a daytime set I did for Killekill that I’ll never forget. Corsica Studios in London – room 2 forever! That one has a special place in my heart.

As for my label, La Java and La Boule Noire in Paris, 100 per cent. I threw my 99CTS RCRDS nights there. There’s also the Rex Club in Paris, PIP & Het Magazijn in Den Haag, Zurich… Oh la la! And DC10 in Ibiza, big, big time. There have been so many good memories and important moments.

Who are some of the artists on the European music scene that FACE readers should check out?

Here are some friends and admirable producers that I’ve been listening to recently: Kessler, Yazzus, SSIEGE, Nathan Melja, Greg, Thodén, Realitycheck, Fiesta Sound System, De Grandi, Stefan Dubs and Tommy 2000.

Tracklist :

lu2k – Logikal
syberian98 – lip butter
Aura T‑09 – Hardcore
BabyLimewax – getupaRam
trilogy – Incoming
Ksetdex – The Rain
Manao – X03
Drum Thing – No no
X Club – Air Max 9000
Yazzus – Sleazy
1morning – memory
Dj Hazard – Killers don’t die
Fiesta Soundsystem – Adolescence
Felix – Oiepá
Amor Satyr – Virar DJ ft. T9 RJ
mister sticktalk – buss it
GVRL – Give it 2 me
Regal86 – Calm my nervs

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