THE FACE relaunched five years ago this week!

Excuse us while we take a second to pat ourselves on the back.

Well, that went quick didn’t it?

THE FACE relaunched digitally in April 2019, which makes us five years old this month.

Back then, Theresa May was prime minister, Old Town Road was number one and Corona was a popular Mexican beer, rather than epoch defining virus.

When we set out, we didn’t want to be another trendy magazine covering things that you only ever see in the pages or websites of other trendy magazines.

We wanted to document what people were actually interested in: the music they actually listened to, the clothes they actually wore, the things they actually, really, genuinely spoke about.

For all our heritage and memories, we weren’t interested in the past (although we remain forever grateful to our founder Nick Logan, and all the people who set us on our journey in THE FACE’s first 24 years). We weren’t even that interested in the future. We were interested in the now” – and how we could document and define it.

In an ever changing publishing world, we’re proud to be here and grateful to our readers for their continuing support.

To celebrate, we’re revisiting some of our favourite stories from the last half decade. Stay tuned as we share these on @thefacemagazine throughout the week, and for a special anniversary episode of THE FACE Podcast.

See you in another five?

Matthew Whitehouse, Editor
London, April 2024

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