Football Beyond Borders: hugs, goals and good mates

Emily Alyn Lind has Hollywood in her blood

The actress grew up on the set of One Tree Hill and is about to go stratospheric in the upcoming reboot of Gossip Girl. She’s got teen drama in her veins, folks, and is a force of irrepressible cool, you’d better believe it…

Young, British and Muslim in the North of England

Over the past seven years, 41-year old photographer Nik Hartley has documented Sharaz Ali, a teenager living in a small Lancashire town. What have they taught one another? Not to be a “miserable old git”.

Fag Mag will make your Y2K dreams come true

Central Saint Martins grad Bailey Slater’s inaugural magazine celebrates all things British, gay, and early Noughties – get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled ride, soundtracked by Girls Aloud.

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