I have no idea what the Nations League is

Is it football as content? A strain to inject some reason into the international down period between competitions people actually like? However it got here, the vibe is no longer good.

Summer: the season of the hetty banger

Love Island is back and with it, a host of pop anthems and piano house aimed squarely at the charts. But what makes a song sound heterosexual and – crucially – slap?

Five folk horrors to watch after Men

With some critics heralding the latest A24 film the horror of the year so far, we take a look-back at the folks that came before it. Expect pagan rituals, witchcraft and a creaky branch or two.

Waste! Store: welcome to London’s coolest shop

Hackney’s wackiest community shopping destination is a Santa’s grotto of cult memorabilia and homemade weirdness. Jack Mitchell and Roydon Misseldine stock everything from Baby-Gs and troll dolls to DIY zines and fantastic fashion, only available IRL.

Louis Partridge: the Enola Holmes actor on playing Sid Vicious

Prada loves him, he’s acted in one of Netflix’s biggest films of 2020, and is about to star as Sid Vicious in a TV drama about the 20th century’s most notorious British band, the Sex Pistols. Where did it all go wrong, Louis Partridge? Where did it all go wrong…?

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