Meet the rollerskaters taking over London

After a spike in gifts last year, four-wheelers have descended on flat ground around the capital. Ahead, we join skate group Watch My Wheels as they take over Greenwich.

Arti­cle tak­en from The Face Vol­ume 4 Issue 007. Order your copy here.

Roller-skating is back! Back! BACK! All across the city, young Londoners are strapping on four wheels. Put it down to a Christmas 2020 spike in skating-related gifts. An algorithmic-push on TikTok. A pandemic-induced boredom that’s seen otherwise flat-footed members of society turn to quads. Whatever the reason, it’s a thing”.

And while the lockdown months saw wheel-lovers hijack multi-storey car parks for covert meet-ups, the easing of restrictions has brought them out to the parks and into the wild. It’s created a pavement-bothering community that will (quite literally) pick you up when you’re down. Just like the good people of Watch My Wheels, captured here on a meet-up in Greenwich.

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