10 reasons we’d love to go for a pint with Adele

Adele is wearing a Balenciaga tracksuit and earrings by Moya. Her hair is tied up in a scrunchie, and she is wearing pink Saint Laurent high heels with while socks. Shot by Charlotte Wales for The Face Magazine.

Adele wears jacket, trousers and rings BALENCIAGA, socks FALKE, shoes SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO, earrings MOYA, necklace FOUND AND VISION and scrunchie HRH

Who wouldn’t like to have a sesh down the pub with one of the biggest musicians of the 21st century? We’ve put together a list of Adele’s most hilarious moments – so grab a beer, put your feet up and enjoy.

It often feels a bit ridiculous to talk about musicians, actors, or any other type of celebrity as though you know them personally. In the age of social media, they have unprecedented control over which parts of themselves they choose to share online, and most importantly, what they want their fans to see.

Take Adele. Between each of her albums, she disappears from the limelight completely. She’s barely ever papped, and you won’t see her face on the side of a bus, or catch her doing the voiceover in an advert for a broadband operator.

And yet, when Adele does make those rare appearances on our TV screens or in the pages of magazines, she exudes warmth, kindness and humour (interspersed with plenty of swearing and rude anecdotes). She seems to transcend the veneer of inaccessibility – deep down, we all know she would make the ultimate partner in pints. In fact, there’s no one we’d rather go for one at the pub with, before suddenly ending up on a bender (with plenty of selfies to show for it).

In case you didn’t believe us, we’ve rounded up Adele’s top 10 funniest moments below, from that time she impersonated herself among a sea of lookalikes to flawlessly rapping every word to Nicki Minaj’s Monster, not to mention, er, barking at Justin Timberlake to get his attention.

When Adele wasn’t Adele, 2016

This is arguably one of the most heartwarming videos on the internet, as Adele – or should we say Jenny – surprises a group of Adele impersonators by impersonating, well, herself. Complete with a prosthetic chin and nose for the occasion, she leaves her lookalikes gobsmacked while taking to the stage to perform Make You Feel My Love. Who knows, maybe Adele would have made it big as an actress if music hadn’t worked out.

Adele on the Graham Norton Show, 2011

Calling Jennifer Aniston Rachel” while she’s having a wee in an adjoining cubicle, admitting to stalking ex-boyfriends’ new girlfriends on Facebook, sending some poor bloke flying off The Big Red Chair before he gets a chance to tell anyone his story, and turning up to a talk show at the tail end of a five day bender. Extremely aspirational.

Adele’s interview with TIME, 2015

While nurturing one’s brand” has pretty much become synonymous with being a celebrity these days, Adele isn’t having any of it. I don’t like that word,” she told TIME for her cover interview back in 2015. It makes me sound like a fabric softener, or a packet of crisps. I’m not that.” True enough, Adele has turned down many-a-brand deal over the years and kept her integrity intact in the process. What it comes down to? If I don’t like you, I ain’t getting your record. I don’t want you being played in my house if I think you’re a bastard.”

Adele's Carpool Karaoke, 2016

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but James Corden’s unforgettable moment with Adele truly shows the best part of her warm personality. After spilling a cuppa all over herself, Adele and Corden harmonise surprisingly well to Someone Like You, followed by a flawless rendition of Nicki Minajs Monster – gun fingers, and all. Adele’s anecdote about getting drunk while waiting for her mate at a restaurant and paying for an entire family’s meal is an added bonus.

Adele thinking the man who was trying to sign her was a pervert, 2011

Before we had TikTok and viral music stars, MySpace was the place to get discovered as an artist. Adele’s mate put her demos on the platform in the early days of her career, way before she knew anyone in the industry. When she started getting attention from some guy who was interested in her music, Adele’s immediate thought was that he must be some kind of creep. Welp! Thank god he wasn’t, because he ended up signing her, and the rest is history.

Adele breaking her Grammy in half to give to Beyoncé, 2017

When Adele took home a whopping five Grammys in 2017, she gave an eye-watering speech to Beyoncé before breaking her award in half and giving one part to her, just like when Cady shattered the Spring Fling Queen crown in Mean Girls. When Adele wins, everybody does.

Adele on Saturday Night Live, 2020

This was the skit that gave birth to a 1000 memes. While Adele’s British humour might sometimes have been lost on the American audience, her turn as an overeager Bachelor contestant set the internet alight anyway. Adele? Hiding in some shrubbery? While belting out Hello from inside this bush? Inject it.

Adele barking at Justin Timberlake, 2009

If Adele can cut through all the bullshit with her music, she can also get a little lost for words sometimes, especially if she fancies someone – in this case, Justin Timberlake. When she met him, what she actually wanted to say was: I love you, let’s get married and have children.” What came out instead was a bark: Woof. I always bark at boys when I fancy them.”

Adele’s Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon, 2015

In this glorified version of Deal or No Deal, Adele and Jimmy Fallon try to outsmart each other about what objects are kept hidden inside their mystery boxes. Would you be able to keep your cool while Adele stared into your soul and tried to convince you she was secretly holding a T. Rex dressed as a fairy? Didn’t think so.

Adele's Insta Live comeback, 2021

This was the moment we’d all been waiting for. After six long, painful years without Adele, she finally hopped onto Instagram Live to tease her new single Easy On Me last month, which turned into an impromptu, 40-minute long Q&A video. Adele was quizzed about her body count (“Body count? What does that mean?”), chose Eastenders over Corrie, and showed appreciation for Aperol Spritz and chicken korma, all while shouting at her dogs to bloody be quiet. We’d be surprised if anyone’s social media comeback ever is quite as good as this one.


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