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Jim Legxacy – Amnesia111

Lewisham singer/​producer/​rapper Jim Legxacy is one of the most intriguing artists in London. Taken from his genre-agnostic mixtape HNPM, Amensia111 is an emotionally raw, syrupy R&B‑trap hybrid that sounds like nothing else coming out of the UK right now. DR

Avalon Emerson & The Charm – Dreamliner

Avalon Emerson, arguably one of the best and most adventurous techno DJs of recent years, had a desire to make an indie-pop project ever since the clubbing world came to a halt during the pandemic. That album, Avalon Emerson & The Charm, is finally here. As Dreamliner showcases, the record’s unique appeal lies in Emerson’s delicate balance of dream pop textures and a dancefloor-inspired pulse. DR

Confidence Man x Daniel Avery – On & On (Again)

Destined to soundtrack festival mayhem, Aussie duo Confidence Man’s latest track ramps up their electro-pop sound to new club-ready heights. Teaming up with seasoned DJ/​producer Daniel Avery, On & On (Again) delivers hypnotic synths, thumping bass and catchy vocal hooks, all packaged with a 90s rave swing to keep bodies moving on the dancefloor. OP

Kalabash – Make Objects That Talk Then Listen to Them

Just in time for festival season, a new UK electronic music act has arrived on the scene: the elusive Kalabash, who’ve just released their debut single via Tropopause Records. Inspired by sci-fi, technology and how man-made objects are changing the landscape of our lives, Listen to Make Objects… is an exhilaratingly fast-paced and glitchy track that captures the intense mood of the present. JW

Louis Culture – CITY

Rapper-producer and Elevation Meditation member Louis Culture has been on a high since the release of his album When Life Presents Obstacle last year. CITY, a love letter to London, is a worthy follow-up single. In between garage beats and subtle breaks, he references partying, losing sleep and, of course, pining after the girl you fancy – the antics that make up those hedonistic years we all hold so close. JW

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