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Central Cee – One Up

In his cover story for THE FACE, Central Cee shared his plans to launch his own label, Live Yours. I’m not too focused on financial gain,” the breakout rapper said. It’s just to spread my blessings, to put other people on.” Cench has just launched the venture with a YouTube channel, which currently hosts a track by Shepherds Bush artist A2 Anti as well as the video for Cench’s new single One Up. Taken from new EP No More Leaks, this is Central Cee going back-to-basics after the viral explosions of his LA Leakers freestyle and Doja. DR

Liv.e – Ghost

This unpredictable single from soulful experimentalist Liv.e (it’s pronounced Liv” by the way) kicks off like an old school jungle track – all breakbeats and stop-start, chopped up drums – before giving way to warm organs. The Dallas-born musician’s distorted, pleading vocals have nothing to do with the jazzy and soothing style Liv.e explored on previous projects like Hoopdreams and Bout These Pipedreams /​Lessons From My Mistakes, but it’s an exciting switch-up. JW

Doechii – Stressed

A change of pace from her intense single Crazy and tough-talking bangers on recent EP she /​her /​black bitch, here Doechii swaps bravado for introspection. Stressed sounds like a conversation happening inside the rising Florida artists head. I must be lost in my regrets, I must be down, I must be stressed,” she raps over a laidback beat, while a variety of background voices echo her words. OP

Rainy Miller – July III

After dropping singles featuring Jockstrap’s Georgia Ellery and close collaborator Blackhaine, Manchester-via-Preston artist Rainy Miller has shared another song from his forthcoming album Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody). July III, which is about from a broken state, to one of healing,” is built with fluttering drums, thick pools of AutoTuned vocals and piano chords which hum with optimism. DR

The 1975 – About You

At one point, The 1975 were planning to make an album with just an old drum machine and a synthesiser, which would have sounded like Frank Ocean and Suicide. That could have been quite good, so they should probably still do it at some point. But for now, we have Being Funny in a Foreign Language – an album of massive tunes, pristine production and sincere romanticism that pierces through a wall of irony. About You is a highlight, a bittersweet breakup song that could soundtrack the final moment in a film when the rain pours and the credits start to roll. There are haunting guest vocals from Carly Holt, who is married to the band’s guitarist Adam Hann, and they got Warren Ellis to do the strings. Classy. DR

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