DJ Bempah and JK are trusted rap experts

Meet the NTS radio hosts behind the “best show in the galaxy”.

Scary Things is one of the best radio shows on air. Hosted by Bempah (who’s the official DJ for Digga D and previously DJed for UK drill pioneers 67) and his partner JK, locking in to the weekly NTS show on Thursday evenings is a surefire way to keep your finger on the pulse of UK rap and drill.

And it’s not just about the tune selections. As authoritative experts of the UK scene who aren’t afraid to be honest or crack a few jokes, a lot of the fun is in Bempah and JK’s commentary on new releases. Although the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, Scary Things has also become a pitstop for international artists who are in London for a press run, such as Montreal’s Skiifall, Atlanta rap group Earthgang and the late, great Pop Smoke.

Check out a Q&A with Bempah and JK below. And if it’s not on your radar already, make sure to tune into NTS at 6 – 8pm UK time on Thursdays.


How did you two first get into music, and when did it become a professional thing for you?

JK: Music was always there. MTV was a staple in my house, I really started appreciating music around age 12, when Limewire was a thing. Music became a full time [career] during the first lockdown, and I haven’t looked back since.

Bempah: Piggy-backing off of JK’s origin story, I was the youngest sibling, so I never really got a choice with what was on the TV. When I wanted to watch wrestling and cartoons, my brothers would only be playing things like Channel U and MTV Base. But it wasn’t until I got to middle school when I was 14 and learned to DJ from my older brother that I started to actually get into music, and then I naturally flowed into being a professional DJ.

How would you describe the Scary Things show to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

JK: Best show in the galaxy, playing the best sounds across the world. If it’s scary, we’ll play it.

Bempah: It’s currently the flagship hip-hop show on NTS. We like to keep our authenticity intact, curating and playing only music we feel like we can vouch for. We like to keep it educational for newcomers and have an open dialogue for our listeners and chat family.

Why are you such a good duo?

JK: Cause it’s real easy when you really bros. And we’re neighbours, so a lot of our experiences are the same. The power in our duo comes from our perspectives on how we view the world and our ability to translate that view for our listeners.

Bempah, how does it feel when you’re onstage DJing for Digga D?

Bempah: It’s cool to be working alongside one of the biggest artists in the UK coming from my generation. The energy is crazy when we’re up there. We’ve built good chemistry, so every show gets topped by the last! After previously working with UK Drill OGs 67, it feels like a full circle moment. Seeing how far the scene has come, from the early drill days to now with the younger gen’, feels brazy!

Name a couple of up-and-coming UK artists that THE FACE’s readers should check out…

Len, Scuti, Jim Lxgacy, NG JIN.JIN, JBEE, Dexter.

Any plans or projects you want us to know about?

Bempah: We’ve been managing a super talented producer named Joffstar – you’ve got to watch out for him, silent but deadly! We’ve also got a lot of content coming through our various channels, so follow us on the socials to keep up with the gang.

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