Go deep with DJ Python’s Face Mix

The NYC-based producer specialises in hypnotic dembow rhythms.

Those who listen to DJ Python’s music tend to really love DJ Python’s music. Alongside Brian Piñeyro’s releases under aliases like Luis, DJ Wey, DeeJay Xanax, as DJ Python he’s crafted his own distinctive style. Gentle synth pads create a pretty sound and a pensive mood, while hypnotic dembow rhythms lure the listener into repetitive, drawn-out grooves.

It’s a sound that people call deep reggaeton”. While he only uses the genre name half-seriously, Piñeyro – who is of Argentinian and Ecuadorian heritage – embraces Latin music with his all productions. Alongside dropping his (very good) second DJ Python album Mas Amble this year, Piñeyro contributed to Discos en 3 – a compilation of Latin artists experimenting with triplet patterns – which was released on Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue’s label Kebrada.

Lock yourself into a trance with Python’s Face Mix below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

I played it at my friend Ezra and Jack’s studio. These are songs from friends and songs I liked. No particular direction or vibe.

What do you miss about touring and DJing in the physical world – and what don’t you miss about it?

I miss seeing friends who live in different places. I miss being inspired by seeing other people play music, but then it’s nice to be inspired by things closer to the self. I feel like it’s a big time to do some world building.

Can you tell us a bit about Dengue Dengue Dengue and their new label Kebrada? What’s their ethos and what do you like about working with them?

Love the Triple D Crew. Inspiring and smart people and a true pleasure to work with :)


Leslie Winer – The Boy Who Used To Whistle

The Mike Flowers Pops Vs Slang – Pound Your Ironing Board

Blastah – Fish Friendship Anthem

Dinamarca – Fantisilandia

Na Dj – Tasogare

Simo Cell

Big Ever – Tempre

Alix Perez – Self Control

Henzo – One Tenth Goth

Mr Manyao – Piedra A La Luno

Audioweb – Yeah

Bluntman Deejay – astat (Real)

Afriqua – Simplex City

Spooky – Aqualung

DJ Rish – Tears

Hard House Bantons – Sirens

Amazondotcom – Glances

Dawl – Devastated

Horsepower Productions – Classic Deluxe Pt 2

Huerta – Hey Fredo

Rareman – Why Didn’t You Realise Before

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Dumbia Murdahs

Big Ever – Drum Lock

SW – Burriddim

Black Electric – Come To Me

Organ Tapes – All

DJ Slyngshot – Untitled

Sven Weisemann – Floating Dub

Drum Club – De-lushed

DJ Rish – Trance Portugues

De Mogul – On Batla Kae

DJ Rish – Come Around Me

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