Hear Sita Abellan’s powerful techno mix

The Spanish DJ, designer and stylist expresses her love for the rave.

While growing up in Murcia, a small city south-east Spain, Sita Abellan immersed herself in culture mostly through Tumblr. As soon as she moved to Milan in 2013, she dived headfirst into the fashion world. Before long, she’d kickstarted a modelling career and was booking campaigns and runway shows. Her profile then exploded in 2015, when she starred as Rihanna’s cold-blooded accomplice in the Bitch Better Have My Money video. Two year later, Abellan walked in the Fenty x Puma spring show.

Abellan is always merging the worlds of fashion and music. She’s been a regular DJ at Jeremy Scott’s parties and also secured coveted gigs at Sonar Festival and the famed Ibiza club DC-10. Her jewellery has been worn by Rosaliá, Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish and Kesha. In 2018, she met the Columbian reggaeton artist J Balvin at Coachella, and he’s since been her sole styling client while his stardom has risen on a global scale.

Check out Sita Abellan’s Face Mix below, which blends robust techno with the skill of a seasoned raver.

When did you first fall in love with dance music?

When I was a teenager I started listening to a lot of electro and dark-wave – I love synth sounds. At some point I became a huge industrial music fan, then from there techno was like la guindilla del pastel” [cherry on top of the cake] as we say in Spanish. I’ve been dancing and going to techno clubs since I was very young.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

I wanted something edgy yet danceable. I switched between some robotic sounds and an almost hypnotic vibe. I think the opening track Wire Fence sets the tempo and the atmosphere for the mix with this marching drumming which I really love.

What’s the best and worst thing about fashion parties?

The worst thing is that sometimes people there don’t really care about music, but it really depends on the fashion party”. The best thing about them is when I get to throw my own parties to celebrate my own line, Lilith.

What do you miss most about the club?

I especially miss playing. I miss communicating with people through music. I miss dancing all night long.


1. Broken English Club – Wire Fence

2. Delta Funktionen – Simo 1

3. Artefakt – The Fifth Planet (Evigt Mörker mix)

4. Claro Intelecto – When The Time Is Right

5. Woo York – Oka

6. Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM mix)

7. Cory James – Junktions

8. Oliver Deutschmann — Lost

9. Delta Funktionen – Warp Drive

10. Altinbas – Motion

11. Abstract Division – Shifted Reality (Milton Bradley remix)

12. James Bong – Vagus Nerve

13. Altinbas – Layers of Compassion

14. Billy Turner – Charged Totem

15. Oliver Deutschmann – Survive

16. Planetary Assaults System – Desert Races

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