Comedian Rachel Sennott’s weekend bender playlist

The New York based comedian, actor and reply guy-baiter imagines how she would soundtrack a wild post-pandemic weekend party.

Chaotic evil front-facing video comedian and actor Rachel Sennott likes to play with her material before she writes a joke. This often amounts to baiting messages she sends to her 132.8k followers on Twitter, aimed mostly at her reply guys.

Guys love to reply to a picture of u in a bra like you are different than any girl I’ve ever seen online. Ur energy is just unique’ no actually it’s just that in this one photo I am mostly naked,” she writes, most likely from personal experience.

Other jokes are more straightforward, like this one posted on Christmas day: Uggs stay on while I jerk off.” Her humour has been sharpened over years of drafted tweets, as well as appearing in comedy series like High Maintenance and starring in Shiva Baby, in which she runs into her sugar daddy at a Jewish funeral. She will next appear as Jackie Haines in ABC’s Call Your Mother, a series about an empty-nester mum (Kyra Sedgwick) who reinserts herself into her children’s lives.

Here, Sennott gets tweaked out with this weekend bender playlist showcasing a coterie of songs you might listen to while hunting for a lost false eyelash.

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The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

When I was quarantining with my family, my sisters and I would entertain ourselves by drinking a full bottle of wine, dressing up in our childhood dance costumes and dancing in the basement for hours. This proves my theory that whenever sisters do anything together it immediately becomes a Sofia Coppola movie. This song was one of our faves.”

M.I.A. – Bad Girls

This is probably one of my favourite songs ever. I listen to it basically everyday of my life (I have an addictive personality) and it always makes me feel like I’m in a movie trailer, probably because it’s been used in a million movie trailers.”

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart

It’s literally dangerous that this album came out during the pandemic because it’s physically impossible to listen to it without immediately doing poppers and sweaty dancing. Once it’s safe again, I will be requesting this song over and over to DJs who refuse to play music with words.”

SZA – The Weekend

The pandemic has gone on long enough that I’ve started to miss the time in my life after M.B.B (my big breakup) when I would go out, get fucked up and cry on the dancefloor. I love this whole album but there’s a remix of this song that they would play that would make sob in public. Take me back!!”

Jessie Ware – Spotlight

I can’t listen to this song without fantasising about dancing to it in a sheer white dress and boots, which is how you know it’s a perfect song.”

Tove Lo – disco tits

I could listen to this song in a sanitised cement room under fluorescent lights and I’d still feel like I was falling down a flight of stairs at my 23rd birthday party.”

Fergie – Clumsy

I love this song because it actually describes my life (hot slut who can’t stop falling in love with every loser she’s ever laid her eyes on). And it’s great to dance to!”

Charli XCX – party 4 u

This song is perfect for partying both when you have a boyfriend and also when you don’t have a boyfriend. Incredibly versatile.”

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