Revelations 006: Nasty Cherry

“The best band of 2019” take the Revelations hot seat, and we talk atoms, Fiat 500s and... fajita stores.

Welcome to Revelations, where we’ll be asking a series of famous faces all the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. This is no Diane Sawyer-style, tear-inducing Hollywood hoohah, oh no. This is where the real beans (of the Heinz variety) are spilled. Where we find out what your favourite popstar keeps under their bed. What they think about in the bath. Whether they’ve ever been in love and, the big one, their take on the meaning of life.

Two’s a crowd, three’s a party, four is … Nasty Cherry! Introducing the self-appointed best band of 2019”. Formed by pop maestro and Revelations alumni Charli XCX in the tail-end of 2018, Chloe, Gabriette, Debbie and Georgia have been making waves with their infectious tunes and girl power mentality ever since. But it was their Netflix series that came out mid-November, I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry, that really had us hooked. From Chloe’s dramatic exit (she came back two days later) to Debbie’s hilarious inability to open a bottle of vino, or Gabriette’s big Joan Jett energy – the series (and band) is a rollercoaster of drama, gags and killer looks.

So get comfortable. This is Nasty Cherry’s Revelations, and we have a sneaky suspicion you might love them as much as we do by the end…

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