For the ladies? slowthai criticised for behaviour at NME awards

The Northampton rapper made a series of lewd remarks to host Katherine Ryan at the event in London last night.

Hero of The Year? Well, that was short-lived.

While accepting the accolade at last night’s NME Awards at London’s Brixton Academy, Slowthai made a series of lewd comments to host Katherine Ryan. These included: Baby girl … if you want to do something, see me later … you ain’t never had anyone play with you like I’ll play with you.”

The exchange prompted a reaction from the crowd, with one spectator shouting that he was a misogynist”. The heckling riled the 25-year-old rapper, who then proceeded to hurl his microphone and a champagne flute into the audience.

Twitter was quick to condemn, with @tjdmc stating: Slowthai just undermined his entire discography in 3.5 minutes. Pure disappointment. Fair play to Katherine Ryan, NME hero award 2021.

A seasoned stand-up, Katherine Ryan had no problem holding her own, mocking his behaviour by joking: I’m so wet I might slip off the stage.”

But his actions have pissed plenty of people off. Slowthai behaviour at NME awards super super trash. Such a shame that an artist who claims to be for the people and for equality acts like a sex pest. Shit is so whack. What a let down,” tweeted @JackyP_DJ.

The behaviour was particularly disappointing for fans considering Slowthai’s apparent previous positioning as a feminist. In an interview with producer Kenny Beats last November, Slowthai commented: I’m not like other rappers, I’ve got manners and I’m nice to women.” Doubling down on this, his track Ladies sees him shout out his matriarchal upbringing with the lyrics, This one’s for the ladies/​‘Cause they have our babies/​And they drive us crazy/​But they made us men.

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