Listen to Tim Reaper’s explosive modern jungle mix

The Future Retro boss harnesses the energy of the genre’s current wave.

Tim Reaper is a DJ, producer, radio host and label head at the heart of the contemporary jungle scene. The 27-year-old East Londoner first fell in love with drum n’ bass after discovering Andy C’s Mixmag cover CD while studying for his Media GCSE. He then spent countless hours devouring jungle’s deep history, preparing for when he was old enough to step into the club himself.

Since 2010, he’s earned a reputation within the realms of jungle and drum n’ bass for being a prolific producer and a dextrous DJ. While loyal to his core audience, lately his music has been reaching new ears, in part thanks to dropping his Cityscapes four-tracker via leftfield house and techno label Lobster Theremin and a collaborative EP with Special Request on Sherelle and NAINA’s Hooversound Recordings.

Alongside Globex Corp, which is co-run by fellow The Simpsons fanatic Dwarde, this year Tim Reaper has also launched the label Future Retro – a name that captures the ethos of this scene, putting a fresh spin on a classic genre.

Check out Tim Reaper’s intense and emotive Face Mix and read a Q&A below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

I wanted it to be the kind of set that would have happened at my Future Retro club nights – very much focused on the current modern jungle scene, with some favourites and some forthcoming material, as well as a few older bits that I can’t help but include in my sets.

What are some of the club nights and venues that have been important to your trajectory as a DJ?

A club that’s no longer there now called the Rhythm Factory [in Whitechapel, London], which was the first club I ever went to for a night called Jungle Syndicate. A former venue in Sheffield called The Harley, which was a bar and club on the bottom floor of a hotel which hosted the Green Bay Wax nights. And Corsica Studios, for the amazing nights that Rupture put on there.

Who are some other artists in the modern jungle scene who The Face readers should check out?

Kid Lib, Dwarde, Coco Bryce, Sully, Phineus II, Ricky Force, Harmony, Nebula, Jahganaut & Duburban, Comfort Zone, Kloke, FFF, Worldwide Epidemic, Sonar’s Ghost, Champa B, Decibella, Percussive P, Necrotype, Dev/​Null. So many others as well, I could be here for time if I had to keep going.


2 Bad Mice – Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix)

Flynn & Flora – New World

?? – ??

Comfort Zone & Tim Reaper – Touchdown

Ricky Force – 147

Voytek – Chado Beni

Coco Bryce – More Massiv

Sonar’s Ghost & Tim Reaper – Leapfrog Style

Tom & Jerry – We Can Be Free

Tim Reaper – Seeeeeen!

DJ Fokus – Watch Out

Dillinja – Ja Know Ya Big

Coco Bryce & Tim Reaper – Darkness Of Future Past

Anthill Mob – My Selector (Back To 92 Mix)

?? – ??

DJ Sports, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??

Subnation – Untitled (SUB01 A)

Optical – No Time

Basic Rhythm – Turning Me On

Phineus II – Passa Passa

DJ Gunshot – Soundboy

Coco Bryce – ??

Photek – Say It

Equinox – Sinister Crew

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