How can I dress like Kanye?

Get the Look: Caught up with jeen-yuhs yet? If not, wet your whistle with The Kimbino’s latest column for THE FACE, where she dissects all things Ye.

In this brand spanking new column, Instagram’s favourite fashion historian Kim Russell, AKA The Kimbino, will be taking characters and pop culture icons as seen on screens and turning them into super cool looks for you. She’ll be scouring the deep depths of Depop, plucking out the hottest of new finds and saluting the Big Names week after week, while dissecting the sartorial styles of TV and film’s most-loved characters like a lab frog. Better start saving those pennies…

For the past few weeks, we’ve been thrust into the middle of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Not only has the divorce been front and centre on our timelines, but his quick, sexy and mysterious fling with actress Julia Fox of Uncut Gems also caused the biggest media frenzy of 2022 so far. Sure, most of us had all of this information force-fed to us against our wills, but we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t indulge in the hot mess. Now, we’ve also got Ye’s three-part Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs to lap up, ensuring our interest in the controversial rapper never wanes.

But you’re probably here because you like fashion. Well, Ye knows a thing or two on the subject. This week, I wanted to recreate and build some of my personal favourite outfits the artist has worn. From his early fashion week looks, papped as he casually runs in and out of his Yeezy studio with a Bottega in hand, or the outfits he’s worn to chaperone his latest muses to haute couture shows, we can always count on Ye to show up and show out.


Let’s start with casual Kanye, running errands in athleisure. For the shirt, I began with a brand called Mambo, which was popularised by undercover fashion hero the late Robin Williams. I found a pair of trousers on SSense that are practical and can be worn from day to night. For the shoes I chose a Nike boot. I know it’s controversial – perhaps I should’ve chosen a Yeezy x Adidas shoe – but I like veering out of the box. I finished the look off with a sweater from Gap, which happens to be one of Ye’s partners in business, although all we’ve seen thus far is a singular jacket and hoodie. Some neck candy was added from The M Jeweller x Alexander Roth. You simply can’t go wrong with an understated piece of personalised jewellery. Tap into your inner Ye and embrace that uniqueness.


The previous outfit played it pretty safe and kept it cute for the novices. But this next one? You’ve gotta be bold to even attempt it. I started off with a fur coat (faux, obviously) that’s super affordable from ASOS. Once I did my part for the guy on a budget, I turned it up a notch with a Raf Simons tank circa 1999, also worn by singer Seal. It can be intimidating to wear leather pants, but the pair I chose for you won’t let you down. They’re sexy. For the shoes, I went ahead and copied Ye, because what beats a pair of 4’s? I’ve been a fan since I got a pair for my birthday in 2010, so you should really trust me on this one. To finish the look, I’ve chosen an outrageous and embarrassing chain from Culture Kings. Just think of it as a piece of your costume.


One of my favourite outfits from Ye includes this incredibly lush velvet hoodie from Haider Ackermann. Naturally, it felt like the perfect way to end this column. If you often find yourself running from one show to another, followed by a drink or 10 with friends later, then this outfit is for you. I started with an extravagant jacket because sometimes you just can’t compromise on pieces. This Raf-era Jil Sander bomber jacket is one of those cases. For the velvet touch, I found a navy sweater on ASOS, which leaves extra money for your round at the bar. A pair of Nudie jeans and Rick Owens boots really round off the look and, of course, I had to add a bag from Alyx. I want to show men out there how useful a little bag at your side can be. I can basically fit every essential from home in mine, so get familiar.

Sure, these might not be some of Ye’s craziest fits, but they’re a great starting point to experimenting further. Also, these are selfishly some of my favourite style eras from the genius himself, too. Why be yourself when you can be Ye, eh?

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