What if the cast of Euphoria were Barbie dolls?

Image via @euphoriaddicted

Imagine no more, reader. Euphoria Addicted is the Instagram immortalising the show in, well, Barbie and Ken dolls.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic,” sang Aqua on their 1997 hit Barbie Girl. It’s a line that fittingly captures the spirit of @euphoriaddicted: a Euphoria Instagram account which recreates the show’s most memorable scenes using – well, um – Barbie dolls.

With meticulous attention to detail, a mysterious Swedish superfan has been bringing your favourite characters to still-life since Euphoria premiered in 2019. What’s more, they’ve amassed 24,000 loyal followers in the process.

I watched the first season and was blown away,” he tells us. I loved the characters, the storylines, the setting and the whole aesthetic vibe. So I then [felt inspired] to take an iconic toy and mix it into the Euphoria universe. I also love black humour – Euphoria is funny even though it’s so dark.”

Sure enough, it’s pretty funny seeing a Barbified Faye (Chloe Cherry) getting stuffed into a vent by her Ken doll boyfriend. Or mini-Ashtray (Javon Walton) holding a gun to Cal’s head, complete with a shrunken Scarface poster in the background. Even that much-memed bathroom scene in which Maddy (Alexa Demie) almost breaks the door down with her fists has been given the Barbie treatment – alongside Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) New Year’s Eve spent in the (tiny) tub of terror.


The elusive account admin spends between three and six hours setting these mini tableaux up, intricately making props by hand, either from scratch or using bits he’s picked up from presumable tiny flea markets. Each doll’s clothes are DIY, and the fashion is always spot on. See: Maddy’s super hot cut-out dress or Cassie’s Do I look like I’m auditioning for Oklahoma?” get-up, as well as Fez’s badass grandma and her luxe blue suit from episode one.

I make everything on my own,” he says. I’m not a great sewer but I know how to make something look good. My head starts spinning as I watch each episode and start imagining every scene, but with Barbies.”

[I hope] people get joy, laughter and inspiration from the page,” he continues. Now, with just three episodes to go, a much-needed break is on the cards for the brains behind the account. This has been so intense! I need rest… before waiting like crazy for season three.”

You and us, both, mysterious Swedish superfan. You and us, both.

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