My media diet: Your Honor’s Lamar Johnson

Photography by Lawrence Cortez.

The 26-year-old actor shares the screen with Bryan Cranston in a series that’s getting compared to crime drama The Night Of. But what does he dig into off-screen?

Bryan Cranston is a legend,” says Lamar Johnson of the Breaking Bad alum, who makes his return to TV after seven years. They are co-stars in a new Showtime legal drama, Your Honor, based on a 2017 Israeli series called Kvodo. “[It] was a pleasure getting to see [Cranston] work. Great honour – no pun intended.”

Johnson got to share the screen with Cranston as his character Kofi Jones, a 17-year-old who he describes as loyal, strong, with good morals and a love for his family”. But that falls under a dark cast when the son of a New Orleans mob boss is involved in a hit-and-run. Mountains are moved to try and cover it up, and Jones gets unwillingly dragged into the case.

People will be tweeting about a lot of the scenes in this show,” he says. It’s for a mature audience, so experiences are quite visceral.”

The 26-year-old Canadian previously made a mark in The Hate U Give and Netflix dance drama The Next Step. The finale of Your Honor only wrapped a few weeks ago. So what does this actor get up to now that he has some free time? We asked.

The last article I found myself thinking about was…

The Zendaya ESSENCE cover shoot where they payed tribute to Donyale Luna. Too flames!

The last new artist I discovered on Spotify was…

Khruangbin. They’re a trio band from Houston, and they have a really cool sound. They mix funk with instrumental rock.

The last picture I liked on Instagram was…

A post made by my friend Ugo for his birthday. Got to show love!

The last series I binged (or watched a lot of) was…

High Fidelity. I didn’t get to finish the series, but it was really good, I binged the first four episodes. Zoë Kravitz is lovely, as per usual.

The last book I stayed awake reading was…

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Got to a part of the book I was really engaged in, looked up and it was 2am.

The last new word I learned was…
Beguiled.” It means to charm or enchant someone. Most often in a deceptive way.

The last meme that made me laugh aloud was…

I think a series of videos of people failing miserably. But as they do, it pauses and a voiceover comes on that sings oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no.” Was funny if you watched it lol.


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