The best film and TV of 2023

From M3GAN’s first ever interview to How to Have Sex and Kendall Roy, here are our favourite big and small screen articles of the year.

The twisted queer thriller that uses sex as a weapon

Femme (noun): “an LGBTQ+ person whose gender expression is considered to be feminine”. Femme (film): a brilliant, brutal British story of a drag queen’s thirst for revenge. We speak to stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and George Mackay.

The best of British South Asian talent

Twenty-five years after British South Asians first broke into mainstream culture, a new wave of young brown talent is bringing a collective burst of cultural excitement, racking up big ideas rooted in politics, sexuality, race, nightlife and modern-day romance.

Emerald Fennell on Saltburn

The director thrilled a packed cinema with an entertaining post-screening conversation at THE FACE Film Society’s preview of her riotous new film.

Julia Fox is a genius

She's helped define modern celebrity since her ascent into fame. Now, Fox's memoir Down the Drain explains why the internet is still more than a little obsessed.

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