Halle Bailey is ready to stand

Halle Bailey knew that, as a Black woman, her presence would add extra significance to her role in The Little Mermaid. What she didn’t expect was the way in which her and Ariel's journeys would run parallel.

Meet our spring introducing talent

Every issue, we compile the rising stars to watch. From actors to musicians, designers to writers, these are the up-and-coming names you need to know.

Why doesn’t Hollywood care about diversity anymore?

It may seem that the industry has changed for the better, but fewer minorities and women directed movies in 2022. Coupled with this year's disappointing snub of Black women at the Oscars, it’s pretty obvious that Hollywood still has a long way to go.

Why Hollywood loves a comeback

Quan, Tár, Fraser, Coolidge, mic drop. The success story this awards season is of actors and directors battling back from the brink. Here’s to the silver screen’s own revival spiral.

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