Petra Collins makes magic in the frozen food aisle

Flipping the script, the photographer becomes the muse in LA-based artist Moni Haworth’s new book, Lunar Library. Find her dressed as a pink-faced clown holding a chihuahua, sipping a Starbucks, buying board games... good stuff.

Can we watch Love Island with a clear conscience?

The vibes are off and the producers’ tactics are questionable, but we still can’t look away. As the 2021 series comes to a close, Paula Akpan asks whether it’s possible to ethically enjoy Love Island.

Inside artist CHITO’s first self-published retrospective

At just 24, NYC’s enigmatic artist has already carved a legacy for his airbrushed tags appearing not only on canvases across galleries, but in Supreme, Arc’teryx and Givenchy collections, too. Now, the serial tagger is telling his story from the beginning.

Leïla Slimani: To be a woman is to be afraid”

The French-Moroccan author of groundbreaking novels Adéle and Lullaby is back with the first instalment of a trilogy based on her family history. Here she discusses colonialism, women’s rights and the importance of looking back to look forward.

Is this the most meta series of Love Island yet?

With contestants like Jake playing strategically to stay in the villa, the mechanics of Love Island are more visible than ever before. A hot single looking for love? As if. Jake’s eyes are glued on the cash prize.

Inside the world of football fetishism

From steamy gay porn scenes to anonymous fetishists on Twitter, the sexual lust for football kits is at an all-time high. But what lies beneath the knee-high socks? THE FACE finds out.

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