Behind the scenes on Brit action-comedy Sumotherhood

The follow-up to 2011 goofball gang drama parody Anuvahood, it's taken years of perseverance and the goodwill of the UK's entertainment industry to get Adam Deacon's latest film on screens. And now that he's conquered his demons, he's ready to make us laugh at them.

How Cailee Spaeny transformed into Priscilla

One Tom Ford eyeliner, five daily wig changes, clouds of hairspray and 120 outfits: the costume, hair and makeup teams behind Sofia Coppola’s biopic tell us how they brought Priscilla Presley’s legendary ‘60s style to the screen.

Acting hard with British cinema’s toughest lads

The BFI’s new programme pays homage to working-class men on screen, featuring films such as The Football Factory, My Beautiful Launderette and Sexy Beast – all of which tell us more about the class divide than any arthouse flick will.

Who the hell are 2girls1bottl3?

In an age of hyper-sharing, Mixie and Munchie are a mystery, a myth, a glimpse and a glitch. But their TikTok account, 2girls1bottl3, is the portal to a fully-formed world.

The Polymaths are plotting world domination

Raza Tariq and his crew The Polymaths are out to reshape the creative industry in their own image. But is the 21-year-old really the “greatest artist in human history”, as he puts it? Or is he just a very ambitious young man?

Fionn O’Shea: the Irishman

He broke out as Normal People’s bad guy. Now he’s playing Samuel Beckett and a WWII hero – and embracing a messy new hobby courtesy of Austin Butler.

Madeline Argy doesn’t get why she’s famous

She’s a far cry from the aspirational TikTok influencers we’ve become so familiar with. Instead, Madeline deals in brash authenticity, which in today’s online climate, is the only currency that matters.

Seven years of grief

Diary is American artist Vinnie Hager’s new digital work: a powerful, illustrated history of crushing familial loss

Kita Updike on tennis tips and sporting heroes

The 24-year-old Indiana-born model and actor stars in Prime Video’s Sweeney Todd-updating The Horror of Dolores Roach. She’s also a dab hand at tennis who carries a mini ball machine in her hand luggage.


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Top to bottom: what makes a great gay film?

Passages has come to save queer cinema from a couple of years of so-so releases. Here, leading gay writers and critics including Charles Gant, Alex Needham and Alim Kheraj help explain those ups and downs.

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