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Caroline Polacheck – Starburned and Unkissed

There’s been a lot of excitement among music nerds for A24’s new psychological horror flick I Saw The TV Glow, which tells the story of suburban teens who become transfixed by a spooky TV show in the late 90s. Two years ago, it was announced that the film stars Phoebe Bridgers, Fred Durst and Lindsey Jordan, who’s best known for her wistful indie rock project Snail Mail. Then, A24 revealed that the score had been created by the consistently excellent songwriter Alex G. The tracklist for I Saw The TV Glow soundtrack is packed with the kind of artists who are awarded with Pitchforks Best New Music’ tag: Yeule, Jay Som, L’Rain, Snail Mail (who’s covering Tonight Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins) and Caroline Polacheck. The subdued verses of Starburned and Unkissed are built with soft drum machines, whispery vocals and glassy guitar licks, before Polacheck absolutely belts it out over grunge guitars for the chorus. The marketing strategy is working: I want to watch this film now. DR

Pretty Sick – Streetwise

Streetwise is the first release from Sabrina Fuentes’s Pretty Sick project in almost two years. Departing from the full-blown grunge sound her band is best known for, Sabrina enlisted to Yung Lean and Evilgiane collaborator Woesum to help craft a more electronic sound. Everyone’s a gossip /​Everyone’s trash /​But I don’t mind the company when I’m just blowing cash,” she sings over punchy drum machines and a growling bassline. There’ll be more PS material with this flavour on the Streetwise EP, which is dropping 27 June. JW

Isabella Lovestory – Botoxxx

Isabella Lovestory doesn’t hold back on this playful perreo-pop tune, which is about the trials and tribulations of getting botox injected into your face. Call the ambulance, I need botox,” the cutting-edge Honduran musician sings between blaring sirens and reggaeton-influenced production. JW

Julia Fox – Down The Drain

It doesn’t seem as if Julia Fox spent a lot of time writing the lyrics for her debut single Down The Drain. Aside from one eight line verse, she pretty much just repeats I’m a bitch, I’m a girl, I’m a woman, I’m a whore” over and over again. And you know what? It’s an effective method for getting a song stuck in your head. Maybe the best bit, though, is when she breaks things up by wailing Whooo-OOO-ooore” four times over fuzzy electro pop synths and a thumping kick drum. As Julia illustrated when she debuted the track at Charli XCX’s Boiler Room in February, this is a song primed for sultry dancing-slash-writhing-slash-posing when you’re too pissed to see straight. OP

Dua Lipa – Falling Forever

Radical Optimism hasn’t delivered on the Britpop and psychedelic influences that Dua teased earlier in the album campaign. On the plus side, her vocals are stronger than ever. Nowhere is that more apparent than on Falling Forever, on which Dua tries her hand at a spot of yodelling. How loooooong,” she yodels and yodels and yodels, before asking: Can it just keep getting better? Can we keep falling forever?” Belting all that out over a rollicking, galloping beat, the whole thing sounds more ABBA than Blur. But we’ll let her off on account of its potential to go off at karaoke. OP

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