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Olivia Rodrigo – bad idea right?

On the second single from Rodrigo’s highly-anticipated second album Guts, the superstar songwriter makes a vigorous case for that mistake we’ve all been guilty of making at least once: going back to your ex, even when you know it’s the wrong decision. bad idea right? is camp, explosive and – as with Guts’ previous single Vampire – comes assisted with a pitch-perfect video directed by Petra Collins. On this unhinged pop-rock banger, Rodrigo continues to encapsulate the seemingly never-ending melodrama of being a heartbroken teenager. JW

Yeat – bigger thën everything

On the third single he’s dropped since the February release of his 22 track album Aftërlyfe, Yeat acknowledges the masterful production of his regular collaborator BNYX by featuring him in the video. In an age of oversaturation, BNYX’s beats manage to catch the ear, and he’s recently worked with Drake, Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. If you’re not already familiar, you have some catching up to do. DR

Archy Moor – Sick

On his latest single, the Nigerian-born, Dublin-based rapper is all about breaking the rules: I’m sick of it /​Tell me the reason you want to pretend,” he raps over thumping 808s and a gritty, dingy beat that has a menacing edge. It’s apparently been going down a treat on Denzel Curry’s tour, which Moor is supporting him on. JW

SamRecks – Wish

SamRecks is part of a wave of young UK rappers who gravitate towards silky-smooth, jazzy samples to compliment their laidback swagger. Throughout Wish, the South Londoner reels off internal rhymes while barely taking a breath, making it sound like it’s the easiest thing in the world to him. DR

Noname – Namesake

Noname is widely respected for her politicised lyricism, and Namesake, taken from her powerful new album Sundial, gives her fans plenty of food for thought. Over a warm bassline and frenetic drums, on Namesake the rapper criticises Jay‑Z, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar for performing at the Superbowl, also reflecting on the ethics of her own decision to play at the santised” Coachella festival. DR

Black Sherif – Simmer Down

Black Sherif gives himself a quick reality check on Simmer Down, a defiant, soulful track that acts as a reminder to not give in to haters. I know you’re losing your mind but cool temper /​My ting from Babylon tell me boy, simmer down,”the Ghanaian artist sings over the chorus, as passionate backing vocals echo his affirmations. With production that blends elements of highlife and drill, the track is a soothing antidote to the kind of pettiness that gets under your skin. As Sherif puts it, We on the winning side, they dey see /​We don’t need mans to believe.”

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