Listen to MoMa Ready’s feel-good mix

The prolific NYC producer blends warm-hearted house and techno.

You wouldn’t think 2020 has been a particularly good year for anyone creating dance music. But if you’ve been plugged into the underground New York scene that involves MoMa Ready and his friends, then there’s been a constant flow of material to keep you inspired.

Alongside his prolific output as MoMa Ready, over the last 12 months the DJ/​producer (real name Wyatt Stevens) has dropped a bunch of records under his Gallery‑S moniker, as well as with the AceMoMa project – the duo Stevens formed with his close friends and collaborator AceMo. He’s also put out a number of compilations via his skateboard brand-turned-record label Haus of Altr, which supports a global network of Black artists. MoMa Ready and his peers tend to push their releases via Bandcamp, which – compared to the streaming giants – has helped foster a more financially supportive microeconomy since the pandemic. Against the odds, there’s a real buzz here, and it’ll reach another level if the clubs reopen their doors next year.

Stevens is a genre-merging artist, known for blending cathartic elements of jungle, breaks, rave and frenetic footwork-inspired rhythms as well as house and techno. For his Face Mix, Wyatt leans into warm, smooth 4/​4. It’s a feel-good mix to strengthen the heart at the start of the week. Listen below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

The vibe for this mix is good time house and techno. This has been a tough year, and that goes without saying, so I wanted to make a mix to uplift whoever was listening.

How, if at all, have this year’s restrictions affected your relationship with music?

I would say this year has deepened my love for music, because I had to question what I was doing it for. And the answer is because there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

What’s the best thing you’ve learnt to cook this year?

My sandwich prowess is unparalleled.

And NYC producers or labels you want to shout out?

My crew, my family, AceMo, Kush Jones, Swisha, Akua.


Renegade Soundwave — Breakdown (Uprising Mix)

LSDXOXO - Mutant Exotic

Sublime Porte — Cascade

Darkstar — Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer (Kyle Hall Oats B so Deep Remix)

Al Farris — Smooth Flavor


Max Watts - Untitled B2

Manmade Deejay — Saturna IX

Solomatic — Hear dis (MoMa Ready Bootleg)

Space Trax - Take Me Away

MoMA Ready — Deep Enough

MoMA Ready — Talks With God

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