A Dover Street Market Shopping List

The Great British Heatwave: hairy-backed topless blokes, semi-cooked burgers and lukewarm tinnies necked in an overcrowded park. Not so sexy. Dover Street Market’s latest drop, though, is sexy. From sandals to Stussy, take a note from Mr. Sun and brighten up your wardrobe with these red hot DSM selections. We’ve rated each piece out of 10 not on the basis of how suitable it is for the summer sun, but how great you’ll look anyway.

Black Pound Day

As of June 2020, the 27th of every month is officially Black Pound Day. Set up by Swiss – a member of UK garage collective So Solid Crew – the movement encourages the UK to celebrate and support Black-owned businesses by only buying from their products and services. Created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement following the killing of George Floyd, make sure to support this campaign by shopping the below. 

Untold Studios x Stain Shade

Untold Studios – an independent creative studio and community set in east London – has collaborated with hand-dyed tie-dye shop, Stain Shade, on a super psychedelic nine-piece capsule collection that includes T‑shirts, jumpers, bottoms and socks that will add a kick to your WFH wardrobe.

Internet goods, unified

James Goodhead, co-founder of online vintage store Unified Goods, has curated the best in curious artefacts from our friend, the internet. Known for sourcing premium relics like Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker on VHS and a 1993 Jerry Seinfeld issue of Playboy, Goodhead has cherry-picked an original 80s Apple tee, a Keith Haring book and even a fancy shmancy bottle of red from 1980! Happy shopping.

Yohji Yamamoto 1998 – 99 lookbook

Yohji Yamamoto is hands down my go-to designer of all time. This gorgeous lookbook takes stills from his 1998 – 99 collection using model Maggie Rizer which has gone down as an iconic photography moment in fashion. I have a coat by Yohji – that would definitely be what I would run out of the house with if it burst into flames.”

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Art in Transit: Subway Drawings by Keith Haring

Keith Haring is a huge totem character for Unified Goods, from his work as a humanitarian to how he used his unique graphic style to educate and inform the mean streets of 80s NYC and the world. This book from 1986 explores his transit series, which he was famously arrested for on several occasions.”

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Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine

I’ve known John who runs Low Intervention for years and he’s been feeding us the best bits from his selection during lockdown. This one is punchy price-wise, but was produced in the year I was born, 1980, so what else do you really need?”

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Mount Analogue by René Daumal

Easily my favourite piece of literature and it was adapted by Alejandro Jodorowsky for his film Holy Mountain. This is the US first edition from 1960 with mesmerising artwork of René Daumal’s great unfinished work.”

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Late-80’s Apple T‑shirt

I have a healthy obsession with vintage tech at Unified Goods and this is one of the most iconic pieces from Apple’s exploration into becoming a lifestyle brand and seeking alternative revenue streams after Steve Jobs’ temporary departure in 1985.”

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Anti-racism fundraising tees

As protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd continue across the world, these fashion brands are using their platforms to aid the cause. Scroll down for a selection of fundraising tees that make a powerful graphic cry for anti-racism while raising money for worthy causes, including Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp and NAACP Legal Defense Fund. 

The pieces are only as good as the whole

To accompany our bitchin’ digital cover with Slipknot’s Clown, we have put together the best in mosh-pit ready T’s from our friend, the internet. Jack up your AirPods, press *play* on Duality and prepare to piss your parents off. Let’s get Psychosocial. Sweat stains not included.

Prints-a-hoy with Louise Benson

Louise Benson, the deputy editor of Elephant Magazine, has a knack for knowing what’s good. She writes about contemporary culture through the lens of art and design and, alongside photographer Lorna Lohr, co-created Scenic Views – an oddly romantic photo-based magazine celebrating underappreciated interiors in bars, cafes and airports. 

Now she’s put her curatorial eye to good use, for us, by selecting a few juicy prints for your living room wall. 

Anthony lacono at Printed Matter

Anthony Iacono collages bodies alongside everyday objects like fruit, chairs, mirrors and telephones in a way that feels both artificial and organic. There is an underlying tension to them that is strangely unsettling.”

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Cary Kwok at ICA

Cary Kwok has a brilliantly deadpan sense of humour, combining everything from art history to heartbreak. His illustrations are playfully erotic, and he loves to introduce a bit of 70s style. This print has it all.”

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Sol Calero at Glasgow International

Sol Calero caught my eye a few years ago with her exploration of tropical” motifs like fruit, flowers and other decorative elements. We met up at her apartment in Berlin last year, which is an incredible riot of colour.”

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Maisie Cousins at Elephant Kiosk

I think of squelchy things when I think of Maisie Cousins, and that’s no bad thing. She focuses in on the mess and dirt of everyday life, from a bum covered in grass to a box of leftover Chinese takeaway.” 

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Peter Sutherland at Dream Sequence

Peter Sutherland has a knack for finding beauty even in the most familiar of things, and this print is no exception. It’s also worth checking out the Dream Sequences website for more works from the likes of Ed Templeton and Jason Nocito.”

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Jermaine Gallacher’s home improvements

Forget IKEA, nevermind Habitat and sack off B&M at all costs. Prepare to feel house proud with the help of the designer, design buyer and interior designer’s selections of hooks, stools and scuttles all intended to amp up your humble abode. 

Zig Zag Hook

I designed this as a curtain tie back, but I’ve since decided it makes an even better hook. I’ve got my dressing gown hanging on one in my bathroom, it makes me very happy.”

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Plaster Plinth

I bought this plinth at one of my favourite antique markets and I think it’s such a fab shape. Maybe not the most practical of things but who gives a fuck?”

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Man Candlestick

I love this guy. Something about the shape and energy reminds me of myself as a young waiter. It’s such a fun, attractive and practical thing.”

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Glass Snake Vase

I got this in Milan at one of the best markets I have ever been to. My favourite buys are always ones I really wasn’t looking for, or couldn’t even imagine existed. This is definitely one of those.”

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Coal Scuttle

I know it’s not really the time to be buying a coal scuttle but this is more than a coal scuttle – this is a friend for life! It reminds me so much of Tick Tock from Return To Oz. Such a character!”

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Tom Atton Moore Rug

If you’re looking to invest in a hot young designer of the future look no further than Tom Atton Moore. His rugs are hand tufted using 100% recycled yarns at his studio in Lewisham and each design is a total one-off!”

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Chain Drop Mirror

Who doesn’t love a mirror? I love them in all shapes, sizes and colours. I have a particular weakness for anything that looks even slightly goth-sex-dungeon, though this one is the more savory side of dungeon’. But nonetheless, it’s still very sexy.”

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Welcome to Harley Weir’s auction house

Photographer Harley Weir is opening up shop to raise funds for Alzheimer’s – specifically sufferers dealing with COVID-19-related issues and research into finding a cure for the disease. 

The ceramic items on sale – including cute dogs, a willy vase and a number of ornate mugs – were made for Weir’s father who introduced her to ceramics when he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s (PCA). In her words: “[Ceramics have] been a sanctuary for us ever since.”

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has enlisted over 40 international artists to make a poster for 2020Solidarity – a Between Bridges project in place to support shuttered music venues, art spaces, community projects, nightclubs and independent publications affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during this difficult time.

Once you have donated $50 or more to Between Bridges, each A2 poster becomes available as part of a reward scheme.Wolfgang Tillmans has lovingly curated some of his favourites, including those by Mark Leckey, Gillian Wearing and – of course – his is in there too. 

Gaming On Lockdown

Our resident gaming fanatic Ben Oliver lists all the gear you need to get through lockdown. Think: rare and forgotten finds, subscription services and a forthcoming release feat. Grimes.

Nintendo Ring Fit

If you don’t mind looking like a mad lad in front of, well, whoever you live with – the Nintendo Ring Fit is the latest way to combine play and exercise. You use the ring-con and leg strap in combination with the Nintendo Switch joy-cons and off you go. It promises a full-body workout – probably a decent way to stay in shape during the lockdown.”

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Hangout with Grimes in Cyberpunk 2077

Your favourite artist (and mine) will be playing a character called Lizzy Wizzy in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. As heard in her Miss Anthropocene livestream: I did my voice acting for Lizzy Wizzy, that game is going to be fucking good… I play a pop star who committed suicide on stage, and they had to quickly come and perform emergency surgery and replace her whole body with cybernetics while she was dead for an hour and then she finished the show as a cyborg. One of the greatest pieces of performance art ever made.’ ”

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SEGA Mega Drive Mini

One of the first mass-market consoles to be released when SEGA still used to make hardware. The original Mega Drive was a beast, the mini version is unsurprisingly small but incredibly packs in a whopping 42 preloaded classic game titles.”

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XBOX Game Pass

There’s obviously a lot more Netflix and chill going on right now. But what about Xbox and kill? Why should streaming services get all of your attention and coin? This service lets you download games straight to your Xbox One for a monthly fee. Noice.”

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World of Horror

If horror manga master Junji Ito and cosmic horror author H.P. Lovecraft had a demon child – this would be it. Mixing Japanese urban legends, folklore and 80s nostalgia, World of Horror sees you play a teenage protagonist fighting off Eldritch horrors with wit and might win equal parts. Great for these unsettling times.”

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Rez Trance Vibrator

In an era of bizarre game peripherals, the Rez Trance Vibrator – manufactured by ASCII and released only in Japan – was one of the stranger ones. You plug it into one of the PlayStation 2’s USB ports, and it vibrates. It was never explicitly said what you should use it for but given that the gameplay involved ever-increasing pulsing beats you can put two and two together.”

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Dreamcast Fishing Controller

If you ever watched the Perfect Storm or Deadliest Catch and thought fuck yeah’ then the Dreamcast Fishing Controller is for you. Compatible with all six Dreamcast fishing games, and with the additional bonus of also being playable with Soul Calibur and Virtua Tennis, this motion-sensitive peripheral enabled players to cast their line with a flick of the wrist, feel vibrations when a fish started to bite, and then reel it in using the spindle on the side of the controller.”

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Disco Elysium

Your chance to play an alcoholic detective recovering from the worst hangover in history. On the surface, Disco Elysium is like the old point-and-click adventure games that made LucasArts famous in the 90s but with a massive racked-up line of David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky mixed in too. You can become a fascist, a communist, a moralist or an ultraliberal – live clean or get wasted. The choice is yours as you try to solve a gruesome murder in a disgraced, former capital of the world.”

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Nintendo U‑Force

An NES controller that’s controlled by hand. There’s also a flight stick with two shooting buttons for other games and an additional add on for Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! – a power bar which enables your air punches in front of the controller to simulate punching in the game. This all seems old hat in the wake of the Wii and Nintendo Switch but it was revolutionary at the time.”

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SEGA Activator

So it turns out UFC wasn’t the first brand to capitalise on the octagon. The SEGA Activator is an octagon-shaped device that plugs into the Mega Drive controller port and lays flat on the floor. The product is based on the Light Harp invented by martial artist and musician Assaf Gurner, and produced by Sega and Interactive Light. It was the first ever full-body motion controller to be released more than a decade before the Wiimote or Kinect.”

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Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

How better to dispatch hordes of infected country folk than with your own Chainsaw controller? Released in 2005 by Nubytech as a limited edition controller for Resident Evil 4 – a game that reinvigorated the survival horror genre – the controller, despite looking and feeling badass, is a piece of crap to actually use.”

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Claire de Rouen’s Isolation Reading List

Lucy Moore of London bookshop Claire de Rouen curates her favourite isolation reads. Looking for further inspiration? Check out this handy list.


Because your home can be a zoo! Animals brings us incredible photographs, taken by Sage Sohier, of Americans at home with their unusual and exotic friends.”

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Why Grow Up?

In Why Grow Up?’ Susan Neiman talks about how philosophy can help us grow up in the amidst of a culture of rampant immaturity’. I kind of feel like we should ignore the message of this book and instead be as childlike as we can during self-isolation. I chose this book because its cover is a photograph taken on the tube by Wolfgang Tillmans – and because we’re not meant to travel at the moment, suddenly the cover feels fantastical.”

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Charleston opens a window onto the creative fecundity and sexual eccentricity of the Bloomsbury group, who self-isolated at this house in East Sussex during WW2.”

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All Good Things

This image of Mayan and Roman masks is from All Good Things by Stephen Ellcock. The book takes the reader on a psycho-spiritual-scientific odyssey through space and time. It’s a collection of images of paintings, objects, diagrams and poems, that reveal the creativity of humankind across the centuries. It’s the most inspiring book I have seen for so long.” 

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How to Know God

Recommended to me by my friend, the artist Linder Sterling, How to Know God is the guide to yoga and its philosophy, written 1,500 years ago by the Indian sage, Patanjali. By the time self-isolation ends, you too could be enlightened…”

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So your commute is 30 seconds long: bed-kitchen-desk-sofa-bed. And it’s likely you’ve been tempted to wear active wear” for, well, zero activity. But who said you can’t put a little effort into your WFH fit? Dover Street Market have got you covered.

On the case

Surely the hottest accessory of the moment has to be the AirPod case. With Apple’s ubiquitous headphones, coming in any colour you want (as long as it’s white), the AirPod case has become the place truly to express yourself. From silicon to textured leather, 2020 has seen an explosion of new styles on the market. They range anywhere from a few pounds to several hundred quid. But the greatest flex has to be in customising your own – and you could do a lot worse than the (unofficial) The Face one pictured right here.

The Face Magazine

Editor’s Letter – Volume 4 Issue 3

Stuart Brumfitt, Editor, February 2020.

Volume 4. Issue 3.

Starring! Grimes, LaKeith Stanfield, Noen Eubanks, Lara Stone, Bong Joon Ho, Talia Ryder, Darkoo, Taylour Paige, the 6 Figure Gang, Moisés and Mateo Arias, Jahi Winston, Cailee Spaeny, Levan Gelbakhiani, George MacKay, Griselda, KSI, Arthur Jafa, Adesuwa Aighewi and Aitch (again).

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Hot this week 002

Featuring: Miu Miu’s kisses capsule, Matthew Williams x Nike Zoom MMW 4, Moncler x JW Anderson, Browns x Stone Island and Tom Sachs’ forthcoming collab with Nike.

Time to get your hands on some Uncut Gems merch

Set pulses racing with memorabilia from the cult film (including that diamond encrusted Furby pendant).

Future Wear: Marine Serre

By the light of the crescent-moon: how the French designer’s logo is a mark of upcycling innovation and style for the 24-hour generation.

Hot this week 001

Bored of the sales? Us too. Thankfully there are loads of new season pieces to cop week. Moncler Genius has teamed up with Matthew Williams’ 1017 ALYX 9SM for a collection that unites the designer’s trademark rollacoaster-buckle hardware with Moncler’s mountaineering expertise. Pass us a chalk bag.

The Telfar shopper tote (already-iconic) has been released in a (soon-to-be-iconic) tangerine (exclusively available on SSENSE). While AMBUSH has landed on Matches Fashion with an exclusive capsule that includes a flame-hued tracksuit that will see you through the colder months. Aries has blessed us with a preview of its AW20 collection (on sale 14th January); inspired by Italian youth culture and “‘80s punk and psychobilly pinups” like Paul Simonon and Mick Jones”– random, but we’re into it. Be sure to set an alarm for the fleece.

Last, but by no means least, Loewe has launched its Eye/​LOEWE/​Nature capsule collection. Gray Sorrenti shot the campaign which stars actor Josh O’Connor on an adventure through the misty foothills of Mount Fuji. It features another seriously good fleece composed of recycled polyester (stylish and sustainable) while the accessories offering includes a chalk bag (phew). Climbing is officially sexy – you heard it here first.

Andrew, Miami

Andrew is the store putting Miami on the international skate map

The Downtown retail space is blowing up beyond South Florida’s skateboarding community.


15 years of Dover Street Market

A laundry list of collaborations – including an impressive new set with icons past, present and future to honour their milestone anniversary – and a fashion legacy rivalled by few.

Techwear tendencies

Tapping into Seoul’s techwear scene

Functionality is dominating Seoul’s streetwear scene. We ask those in the know how to get the look.

Spark joy

Christopher Kane first spread joy this summer with his More Joy” collection of heatwave ready accessories. Think: sexy fans and monochrome beach towels that were spotted in all manner of exotic destinations. Now back just in time for the festive season, Kane has unveiled an edit of cosy essentials: silk pyjamas, sleep masks, baubles, a scarf and a hot water bottle, so you can appreciate the JOY of staying in this winter.

Curated by The Face

The Face has returned after 15 years and to celebrate we’ve turned our first issue back into a proper numbered collector’s book. The hardback edition comes boxed with exclusive prints and an A1 poster of every Face cover so far. Ooo la la.

There are only 999, and we’re inviting you to get your hands on one first, before they start going on eBay for loadsamoney.

Head to the link below to buy your copy now. Like right now. Now.

Curated by Weird Walks

Stone Island goes stone circle

Volume 4 Issue 001: Recharging your batteries with a walk in the country has never been more popular (or weirder).

Arc’Teryx Zeta SL GORE-TEX Paclite Plus Jacket

Struggling in the vortex, in my jacket made of Gore-Tex, it fits wonderfully” once sang Gruff Rhys of noted cagoule-wearers Super Furry Animals. And if the song wasn’t 23 years old, we’d swear he was talking about this new jacket from Arc’Teryx (think North Face on steroids). Lightweight, showerproof and packable, what more do you need? Perfick.

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Eastpak x Dickies Bundel Bum Bag

More-or-less a rucksack, it’ll comfortably carry all the gear you’ll need for a short-to-medium weird walk, plus you’ll have space to store any charmed objects or interesting pebbles you find, plus anything you forage in the hedgerows along the way.

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Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Boots

The dad shoe silhouette has had its fifteen minutes; the true heads are walking out to Neolithic burial chambers in a sturdier 4 seasons” boot. Berghaus for show, Danner 600s for a pro. Peep the waterproof suede upper. Yes thanks!

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Fjallraven Kiruna G‑1000 Bush Hat

Top it all off with a first rate titfer. Somewhere between drug-dealer-at-a-festival and metal-detectorist-on-a-hot-day is the Weird Walk sweet spot. True stylists may opt for a wider brim but the bucket is still king for us, as epitomised by this weatherproof Swedish bush hat.

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Curated by SORT

To celebrate the opening of 1909, a trendy new bookshop in Paris, our mates at SORT are hosting a SUBMIT CONTROL” pop-up in the store this week. They’ll be setting up shop with new SORT merch, selling their latest issue and screening two of their films (Techno Goth and Drome). They’ve curated an erotic shop to mark the occasion. Rubber, chains and leather below. 

Pay Day Pick-me-ups

Matching Martine Rose, supersexy Mowalola, A‑COLD-WALL* treats for your feet and some bloody good T‑shirts, too. Go on, you know you want to…


Artist-turned-designer Sterling Ruby debuted his first collection at Pitti Uomo in a 19th-century hay manger, and it’s available on SSENSE! Shop below.

Get in loser, you’re going shopping with Gabriel Held!

Purveyor of all things vintage, Gabriel Held boasts a closet full of lavish early noughties pieces. Think 90s Gaultier, diamanté Juicy Couture and Pucci Moon Boots. This week, Held has curated a shopping list to help you channel your inner that’s hot’. Block out the haters with Swarovski encrusted shades, flash your ca$h with a Benjamin Franklin collar shirt and realign your chakras with crystal-shaped sweets. After all, life is too damn short not to shop.

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