Why university staff are still on strike

The Strike Diaries: Students can't graduate as the marking boycott leaves many in limbo, while September's freshers might be starting teacher-less. A 25-year-old lecturer, tutor and research assistant explains why.

Last orders: are sober ravers drying up UK nightlife?

Studies show that Gen Z are drinking less, which could be catastrophic for small venues that rely on booze sales. But instead of blaming young non-drinkers, shouldn't the model be overhauled entirely? As further discussed on THE FACE podcast, which you can listen to here.

How Albania became 2023’s summer hotspot

Despite the Tories' xenophobic attacks on Albanian immigrants, the country has become a go-to escape for young Brits on holiday, offering techno meccas such as Kala and ION festivals, cheap accommodation and gorgeous beaches. Welcome to Albmania.

The kinkiest fetishes, ranked by a sex worker

From eyeball licking and pedal pumping to encasement bondage (remember that latex cube everyone was banging on about on Twitter?), dominatrix Countess Diamond breaks down 10 of the most out-there fetishes.

All hail the Ambient King

This weekend’s coronation feels like getting added to a 67-person birthday WhatsApp group by someone you don’t really know.

No, AI won’t kill us

The humans behind the technology are far scarier than ChatGPT. Panic and hysteria aside, what are some of the positive things AI could help us achieve?

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