A peek inside (Miss) Jason’s Closet

The internet funnyman returns for a second series of Jason’s Closet, where Royal Ascot’s Ladies Day, Extinction Rebellion protests and an acid house rave are on the menu.

Miss Jason has always felt most at home in front of the camera. When, as a teenager, BBC’s Newsround visited his all-boys secondary school in London and asked if anyone would like to host its Ashes coverage at The Oval cricket ground, his peers shuffled awkwardly. But there was one hand that bolted upright.

I was destined to do this. It was written in the stars,” says Miss Jason: a highly-orchestrated, fast-paced embodiment of drama, six-inch heels and tequila.

Miss Jason’s been the life of the party ever since he first appeared at east London’s sweat-soaked PDA club night many moons ago. Wearing an embellished canary yellow dress with microphone in hand and cameraman stood by, he’d ask off-hand questions to bleary-eyed party-goers such as: How many pills have you taken, daaah-ling?” It was to be the sticky-floored training ground for what was to come.

Exactly one year ago, Miss Jason’s internet TV show Jason’s Closet burst onto the internet with the aim to highlight the many weird and wonderful facets of UK nightlife. Since its inception at PDA, Jason’s Closet has gone on to cover dancehall legend Mitchieboo’s birthday party, the UK’s longest-running goth night Slimelight, and gay club night Chapter 10 (all leather harnesses and hairy chests with Miss Jason caught up in the bright lights). The mission was to create something inclusive, exploring different environments you wouldn’t necessarily see your friends shaking a leg at.

I’m really glad the way people have viewed [the show] and seen club TV in a different way to what it can be,” says Miss Jason. Before, club TV was taking the piss out of somebody in a club, but with this show we make the people the central characters.”

A whirlwind year later, and Jason’s Closet returns with its second season. Taking a slight step back from the club nights featured in the previous season, Miss Jason promises an even more varied exploration of where Brits get their kicks, from Royal Ascot’s Ladies Day to an Extinction Rebellion protest, Black Pride and an acid house rave.

I am so excited. We’re about to give birth … I’m starting to get cramps in my back and the baby keeps kicking my ribs.” He is, of course, talking about the season premiere, which sees Miss Jason attend a Tokyo Drift-style car show in London.

We always look for a scene that has a great sense of community,” he says. The street meets are really big in Tokyo and parts of America, so we were looking for one in London. We got in contact with them and the man who runs it was so excited to have us come down. I was thinking the whole time: Has he seen the show?’ I was surprised that he was really into it!” he says with a throaty laugh.

With all the praise, Miss Jason never rests on his laurels. Included in the British Fashion Awards’ NEW WAVE: Creatives list just a few weeks ago, he’s already looking way out into the future. For him, a YouTube channel isn’t enough.

I’m going to get my own TV show one day,” he says. I’m coming for Graham Norton’s coin.”

You better believe it, daaah-ling.

Miss Jason gets listicle:

Top five dream party guests:
Joanna Lumley
Grace Jones
Wendy Williams
Antoine De Caunes

Top five chat show hosts:
Joan Rivers
Wendy Williams
Ricki Lake

Top five Miss Jason-approved quotes:
Show me the receipts” – Whitney Houston
Did you even know Gianni Versace?” – Naomi Campbell
I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house” – Zsa Zsa Gabor
I look better than you making your exit” – Tiffany New York” Pollard
Who gon’ check me boo” – Sheree Whitfield

Top five nightlife spots:
Moonshine, Dalston
Karaoke Hole, Dalston
Every Pentecostal Church, Lordship Lane
Harlem, Tokyo
BBB, Paris

Top five party looks:
Rihanna – everything ever
Dennis Rodman – the wedding dress
Lady Gaga – Alexander McQueen look in Bad Romance
Prince – MTV VMA’s 1991
Marilyn Manson – MTV VMA’s 1998

Top five Miss Jason-approved films:
Under the Tuscan Sun
What’s Love Got to Do with It
Party Monster

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