Y: The Last Man: the future is female

…but it’s not as simple and binary as that. The new Disney+ sci-fi series is a brilliant exploration of gender, identity and power when – uh-oh – the world has ended.

He had a lust for life”: Anthony Bourdain superfans on his legacy

Bella Poarch: how to build a popstar

Bella Poarch is already a survivor, and a Navy veteran, at just 24. Now the tiny but tough TikTok star is ready to step off the app and head, eyes narrowed, for pop stardom, plushie alpaca in tow.

The sexiest TV shows to stream right now

With summer drawing to a close, we trawled through Netflix and Amazon to find the sexiest scenes on streaming services. It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

Five Sopranos fan accounts to follow right now

From razor-sharp memes about Kanye's Donda and Tony Soprano crying to SOPHIE, here's some seriously fun stuff to tide you over until The Many Saints of Newark comes out on 22nd September.

The legend of Michael Gandolfini

With prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark about to hit cinemas, Michael Gandolfini talks stepping into the role that his late father, James, made so famous: that of Tony Soprano, the complex mob boss whose legacy has endured as one of TV’s greatest ever characters.

Jack O’Connell strips it all back

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack get your kit off! The Derby Lad plays a stellar polar explorer in intense BBC Arctic thriller The North Water.

How Awkwafina made it to Marvel

Move over, Avengers! In Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Three Rings, the actress adds Nora-from-Queens sizzle to the MCU’s most progressive film yet.

Pose and the limits of representation politics

The third and final series of Pose has come a close, the final episode airing on BBC Two last night. The show was a landmark moment for trans television representation, but ultimately, its obsession with being "seen" obstructed meaningful storytelling.

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