Maika Monroe: Longlegs’ new-gen scream queen

The Californian actor is the star of terrifying horror Longlegs, a decade after she was the star of another terrifying horror, It Follows. Here’s how pro kiteboarding’s loss was fright night’s gain...

MaXXXine is the final girl’s final boss

The much-debated slasher trope has a few classic traits: pure, virginal, generally morally superior and worthy of survival. In MaXXXine, the last film in Ti West's horror trilogy, he smashes them all.

The French trio bringing queer club culture to ballet

They’ve thrown punches with Madonna, got down and dirty with Sam Smith and turned ballet dancers into ski-masked street fighters. Meet (LA)HORDE, the French trio who, as the directors of Ballet national de Marseille, have a vision of modern dance that might just be the future

How Jake Shane claimed TikTok’s comedy throne

He made a name for himself reviewing octopus dishes, before turning his hand to hyper-specific reenactments of historical events, such as John Hancock’s mega-signature on Declaration of Independence. What could possibly be next?

Beryl Cook and Tom of Finland embrace excess

They're not two artists you'd immediately pair together. But a new exhibition is showcasing perviously unearthed similarities between Beryl Cook and Tom of Finland – namely, big bums and an affinity with queer culture.

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